Elite Dangerous: make money – So you get credits

In Elite Dangerous you get in the fourth part of the Elite Series again a mix of business simulation and space flight simulator game. So you can afford you your Message Favorite spaceship and additionally upgrade this, you have to make money in Elite Dangerous.

Elite Dangerous: make money - So you get credits

Especially as a beginner in the Space Simulation is looking for ways to increase his account quickly and easily. Use the following tips and tricks you will receive a guide with which you can earn Elite Dangerous their money.

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Elite Dangerous: make money - So you get credits

So you can make money in Elite Dangerous

Of course you should not succumb to false illusions and do not expect a matter of minutes to be able to immediately afford an elegant new ship. Nevertheless, one should not miss the opportunities to making money.

  • Especially at the beginning of the game you should keep an eye on the job boards.
  • Here you can find a variety of missions, you will receive a sum of money as a reward for its completion.
  • Beginners should rely mainly on courier missions to earn at relatively low cost and low upgrade fast money.
  • Furthermore you should a hard look at the dealers in Elite Dangerous throw.
  • Similarly, as with the coins in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team can you quickly make money even with Elite Dangerous by action.
  • Each colony specializes in certain product categories, so its also achieved different prices for the purchase and sale at various retailers.
  • Thus buys from a dealer favorable certain groups of goods in order to sell them profitably at your next stop.
  • Space stations, which are located approximately in armed conflicts, have a higher demand for medical products, as quietly located trading posts, the price of medicine is here correspondingly higher.
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Elite Dangerous: earn money and credits &# 8211; Tips and Tricks

When your flight through space you should keep open for asteroids eyes. The heavenly bodies can draw their valuable ores and minerals and metals. Particularly platinum, gold and palladium are among the most valuable resources in Elite Dangerous. Gold can be found especially in the LP 98-132 system. Look for not idenzifizierten signals unclaimed freight containers with gold that you can do to credits.

Elite Dangerous: make money - So you get credits

Before fighting you should guard yourselves in particular at the beginning of the game, after all, you are still equipped weak. Nevertheless, you can also have the Bounty hunting in Elite Dangerous earn money. Seeks help you with a combat zone with little fighting. Keep the environment regularly by scanning in the eye to get no enemy players in the way. Investigated is for enemy and sought NPCs. As part of a group you will receive for each enemy launch new credits in Elite Dangerous.



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