Facebook down: Something went wrong – The can you do

If Facebook can not be reached - that is down - is, you get the error message &# 8220; Sorry, something went wrong.&# 8221 ;. However, you can use a trick usually still on the Facebook network access. We show what you can do if Facebook is down.

Facebook down: Something went wrong - The can you do

If Facebook is down, it displays the error message: &# 8220; Sorry, something went wrong.&# 8221; This happened the last time in September 2015. Under certain circumstances, you can still access Facebook. We show you what you can do in such a case.

Facebook down: Something went wrong - The can you do

Something went wrong: When the message is displayed, Facebook is down.If Facebook is down, the message &# 8220; Something went wrong&# 8221; displayed.

If Facebook is down and displays the error message with Something went wrong, you can do the following: Test first whether Facebook is really down. Under certain circumstances, only your PC is affected:

  1. First tests whether your Internet connection is still working and can call other pages in the browser.
  2. then checks whether Facebook also does not work on another PC. Alternatively, you can ask if Facebook is still running with him and a friend.
  3. Calls the website Allestörungen.de. It displays all disorders of the social network.
  4. If there is a Facebook fault is indicated, the problem is probably due to the Facebook servers.
  5. As you may prove even if Facebook really does not work, learn it here: Is Facebook offline? Check disorders online.

If it is established that Facebook is down, you can still sign you with high probability into the social network.

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Facebook down: Something went wrong - So you log in you again

Replaces the quot &; www & quot; by & quot; beta & quot ;, around you log into Facebook.replaces the &# 8220; www&# 8221; by &# 8220; beta&# 8221 ;, around you log into Facebook.

If Facebook is down, you can login you with high probability this way:

  1. Open your browser with the open Facebook www.facebook.com address.
  2. Now click in the address bar, removes the www and give instead a beta, so then is https://beta.facebook.com in the address bar. Confirmed with the Enter key.

You should now again have access to your account, including profile information and user data. Once Facebook is working again, you should return to the www version change.

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