Xenoblade Chronicles X in review: The Wii U is far from dead – and this game proves it!

Have it, the developers managed again behind Xenoblade Chronicles X to make a masterpiece on its feet? In our test, we are looking for based on pro and con arguments for the answer!

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Xenoblade Chronicles is for me something like the Messiah among the Nintendo role-playing games, because if and when I tried to explain the Wii for dead, this open-world JRPG appeared that could convince me completely the opposite. Now the publication of the spiritual successor to the Wii U is coming closer and rightly I wonder if Xenoblade Chronicles X can meet the great expectations. Let us look at times, the reasons behind and speak for or against.

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PRO: Evil aliens are evil

Space battles, aliens technologies, nasty aliens and we in the middle. The story of Xenoblade Chronicles X could not start more exciting. The ganglion are after inexplicably on the people and drive us out of our home planet. We need to make an emergency landing with our flying city of New Los Angeles on Mira and build a new life. Our task is to gather resources and to study the planet along with its inhabitants. Besides, we must prepare for the inevitable attack of the ganglion.


CONTRAINDICATIONS: Game or a manual?

So cinematically entry is so tiring and boring the first 20 hours of JRPGs can be where you need to familiarize yourself with the many systems of the game. We have seen in the trailers of the last 2 years fat Mechs and a gigantic game world and do not want to deal with us tutorials. However, you will be confronted with many systems in this game: combat, equipment, upgrades, online modes and FrontNav with which you tap into the resources Miras &# 8211; there is a lot of work to be on you.

PRO: Large, larger, Mira

The continents of Mira load with its diverse fauna, different tides and the exotic flora to explore. Again and again I take while gambling the time to turn the camera so yes escapes me no detail. It pays to stay so long in an area until you have experienced all times of the day, as the atmospheric differences can be enormous. Especially the nights in Noctilium are awesome when the vegetation starts to shine, shine the many moons in the night sky and you fly with your Mech through the air. Just this beauty I expected of Xenoblade Chronicles X and was not disappointed in the least.



Even if the world of Xenoblade Chronicles X is at least twice as large as that of its predecessor, it has somehow disturbed me animal, that all continents can be investigated immediately and without major obstacles. I will not here now the boring debate &# 8220; Open to schlauchige game world&# 8221; again encouraging, but somehow you very quickly but takes the surprise, if one can be on the lookout for objects and resources to the seemingly uncontrollable discovery engine. The predecessor has managed then to connect the story and world as well together that one has revealed more and more of the world of the game with progression of the plot.

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Did you feel playing like an ant, who does not know what to do with all these impressions. In Xenoblade Chronicles X of the tables are turned. You and your Mech are an unstoppable force of nature, which is admittedly a fucking awesome feeling. Here, everyone has to decide for himself how much he wants to give at what time of the field in the game to not to be taking the element of surprise.

PRO: I have a big robot with a laser Katana! Get out of my way!

At the latest after anime series such as Gundam Wing or Vision of Escaflowne radiate Mechs a great fascination on japanophile gamers like me. The idea into a robot to rise, with whom I can deliver exciting fights, is considered in itself a cool feeling, but actually control a Mech in an open world &# 8211; it is as if a wet fan dream come true!

The Mechs or Skells self control is basically the same as your character, only that jumps are higher, you take it easy with big monsters, repurpose the Skell into a vehicle and can fly. FLY!


CONTRAINDICATIONS: When can I at last behind the wheel!?!?

But here is also equal to the ultimate party pooper: a coveted Skell can you unlock only after about 30 hours, and a series of elaborate tests. Although the first Skell comes free in the house, but will you provide additional team members with the fighting robots, you will cost a pretty penny. And you can fly anyway until you have taken some precautions. Along with the many tutorials that come in the first hours of play on us, I felt a bit like I was sitting on hot coals and should not ran.


PRO: Groovy!

After the brilliant soundtrack of Xenoblade Chronicles was clear that the developers have it up a notch. Again rock mixed with classical and there is even a trip to the hip-hop and electro genre. Kopfnicker there in Xenoblade Chronicles X plentiful, and in conjunction with the pretty appearance of the role play, create developer and composer Hiroyuki Sawano a unique atmosphere.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Halt nevertheless times up!

So catchy suspect the sound may be, the droning can be a real pain in the long run. Hiroyuki Sawano loves vocals in his songs, which should have brought his work on the soundtrack of Attack on Titan clearly expressed at the latest. The guy is sure to leave Japanese men and women sing on foreign language lyrics. Thus comes into Xenoblade Chronicles X often a song under that sounds kind of Arabic. However, on closer listening, the whole thing turns out to be pathetic attempt to become the German master. Not bad, yes it sounds damn good. but if I have to listen in continuous rhythm the same set me, I switch rather muted. Yes! I mean you! You strenuous song in New Los Angeles !! 11

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PRO: Always something to do

Xenoblade Chronicles had an amazing number of side missions, so many in fact, that it was often a bit overwhelmed as a player. The thing is: Xenoblade Chronicles X even offers much more. The developers, however, have come up with a cool system to help you hunt down monsters and objects. In NLA there are eight divisions dedicated to different tasks. Early in the game you've got to decide for them, which significantly minimizes not only the number of relevant issues, but also improves certain status values.

And if that's not enough, you can still laden with side missions that are not within the remit of its own Division &# 8211; simply because you can do it!

Chronicles X

CONTRAINDICATIONS: I think my navigator weaves

As a curator, I had a pretty exciting task: discover Mira and defeat the strongest monsters. to discover the five continents unfortunately also belonged to the collection of objects to what was a real pain sometimes, because I wanted the items have never been displayed on the map, as was the case with most missions. So you have often roam unaware of the continents, which is close to finding a needle in a haystack. Alternatively, can you reward tickets that you win in online mode, to exchange for items to save you the drudgery. Highly recommended!


Our test Result: A fan dream come true!

I honestly never seen a game on the Wii U that looks so damn good and beyond so many ways has to kill time. Exotic monsters, glowing plants, unknown natural phenomena and different landscapes. The list of reasons to add itself this game, goes even further.

Completely free of errors but the Nintendo role-playing game is not. The long wait for the Skells and the many tutorials at the beginning of the adventure may well diminish started. However, if you patiently shows you is Xenoblade Chronicles X exactly what you have sought - provided you always wanted to get into a mech and deliver exciting battles against alien life forms.

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