Opel Commercials 2016: “Herzsprung” stirred thousands and is a hit on the net

 The new Opel advertising &Heart jump; # 8220&# 8221; currently making a splash in social media. With the short but emotional clip Opel aims to revive success, had the Edeka last year with the sad Opa &# 8211; and so far that seems to work quite well.

In advertising, it is now no longer just a matter of presenting the product. Instead, a lot of emotion to be conveyed in the spots that have a positive impact on the brand image and generate interest among potential customers. Last year at Christmas time Edeka made with the emotional promotional clip #heimkommen talking point &# 8211; now Opel has released a TV spot that has the makings of the next hit.

Look here is the new Opel advertising #HerzSprung to:

1844love-makes-all-possible-heart jump-40053.mp4


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Opel Commercials 2016: #HerzSprung for Mother's Day

In keeping with the Mother Opel has released the new commercial with the hashtag #HerzSprung. Subtitle of the clip: &# 8220; Love makes all things possible&# 8221; - and that's the point in which around two-minute commercial. The clip is about a man who overcomes his fear of heights, the only surviving mother surprised &# 8211; and experienced an unforgettable day together with it.

Opel Advertising 2016

  • At the beginning we see repeated trained as the man to fulfill his great dream: a parachute jump.
  • At the crucial moment but comes over him again and again the fear and he is disappointed to cancel &# 8211; even if it zuredet his wife well.
  • Alternately viewers see the person sitting in a wheelchair mother of the man who lives in a nursing home, leafing through an old photo album.
  • Finally, there are of course a happy ending: The man remembers, overcomes his fear and brings his mother from the retirement home from.
  • Together, the two get on the plane, mother and son making the parachute jump together &# 8211; and the old woman was able to get back their freedom, at least for a day.

No cars in the new Opel Advertising

Cars are nowhere in the new Opel advertising for Mother's Day: Only in a short shot shows how the son goes to the mother in a car nut. is spoken in the clip not &# 8211; Opel lets the images speak for themselves &# 8211; in the background, of course, the obligatory piano melody runs in minor. One can call this calculating and predictable &# 8211; the net advertising film was still good. On YouTube, the clip has already half Milllion Views &# 8211; and there will certainly be a few more for Mother's Day.

Opel advertising screenshot

Love makes everything possible: Opel advertising for Mother's Day 2016

is responsible for the clip, the advertising agency Scholz & Friends, who has already designed several commercials for Opel in the past. The goal was &# 8220; an emotionally moving story&# 8221; to tell and that is the advertising people have succeeded. Herzsprung way, is part of a comprehensive social media campaign. In addition to the clip there is also a contest in which the participants their idea for an unforgettable day with the mother may submit. The winner is rewarded with a car from Opel asked. Those who want to learn about the background of heart jump a little more, the following behind-the-scenes video looks at:

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