Facebook: Friend Request by Paolo Tizzanini – what’s behind it?

Who currently reads in to Facebook through his feeds, is read from one or the other friend warning about Facebook users' Paolo Tizzanini ". What's behind it? A cheater? Or just a scaremongering?

The text of the message is:

"Do not accept friend requests from a Paolo Tizzanini. The edit your photo and then blackmailed you. Tell all your girlfriends on! "

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Paolo steals Tizzanini photos on Facebook?

The spelling mistake "your photo" and "girlfriends" comes from the original message. The author therefore had either a hurry to warn against Paolo Tizzanini or no effort has simply been to ensure correct spelling. But what about the content? Paolo Tizzanini a dangerous hacker who edited images without permission and used for blackmail?

Paolo tizzanini-facebook-2The message looks on Facebook.
  • This is a classic chain letter of users 1: 1 is taken and shared.
  • The origins of the supposed warning here, as the name of the alleged fraudster suggests, in Italy.
  • There, the same message was circulated in Italian in December last year by the social network.

However if it really is a "Paolo Tizzanini" on Facebook who steals images and edited, is unclear. While the Facebook search spits four results in the search for the name, but it is a normal Italian name. Conclusions about a hacker or fraudster and therefore the truth of this warning from this received no correction.


Check exactly friend requests from strangers: Facebook

Basically you should not accept friend requests from people that appear one unknown - especially if the person has no profile image, or if they are Facebook users, show the profile images very liberally dressed ladies. Quite often these are scams that on the Facebook friendship of personal data want to go and photos or a simple way to try to build a large base of friends, and then foist advertising a large circle of users. That a certain "Paolo Tizzanini" can steal pictures, but is just as likely as the Fotoklau by a person with a completely different name.

Even with friend requests from people where you are already sure that they are present in your friends list, you should be careful. Copy over again fraudster profiles of friends, for example, to the friend's name to raise money to pump you.

In the case of Paolo Tizzanini you should just ignore the contribution on Facebook. So the further course of the chain letter is stopped. At the same time you shall be happy to tell your friends that you should not accept requests from people in general that occur one unknown. In the past there were always warnings of WhatsApp users with the name Ute Lehr, Peter Enis or Ute Christoff, which were supposed to chop profiles. Here too the warnings confirmed at any time, but the chain letters to appear in all regularity in Facebook, WhatsApp and Co. and unsettle users there.

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