A Young Doctor’s Notebook: Stream, Relay List, Season 3?

"A Young Doctor&# 8217; s Notebook "is one of the series, which is overlooked almost criminally despite star cast and good reviews. With "Mad Men" star Jon Hamm and "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe, who embody the same role as jüngere- and older version of Doctor Vladimir Bomgard, the black-humored dramedy series is a real find. We want to summarize at this point everything about the series and show you where you can catch the stream the series.

66A Young Doctor's Notebook - Trailer (Curling)

The British Serie A Young Doctor&# 8217; s notebook is based on the short story collection "doctor stories *A Young Doctor's Notebook: Stream, Relay List, Season 3?"By Russian author Michail Bulgakov. Shortly before the Russian Revolution, the young medical student Vladimir Bomgard (Daniel Radcliffe) has completed his studies at Moscow University and now moves to a small village that desperately needed a new doctor.

However, the reality meets the newly minted physicians far harder than he would have dared to dream. His knowledge comes from books and off the theory he has yet to collect any professional experience. To make matters worse doctor Bomgard must also put in the harsh new environment of his morphine addiction - and all while still under the critical eye of his future selves (Jon Hamm).

Relay and Episode List

season 1German titleOriginal (D)Original (UK)
1episode 1January 16, 20146 December 2012
2Episode 2January 16, 201413 December 2012
3episode 3January 23, 201420 December 2012
4episode 4January 23, 201427 December 2012
season 2German titleOriginal (D)Original (UK)
1episode 5February 5, 2015November 21st 2013
2episode 6February 5, 2015November 28, 2013
3episode 7February 12, 2015December 5, 2013
4episode 8February 12, 2015December 12th 2013
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A Young Doctor&# 8217; s notebook Stream

Currently, all eight episodes of the two seasons of A Young Doctor are&# 8217; s Notebook free in the stream available through Watchbox. Alternatively, you can purchase digital and in the following video-on-demand services, the series:

Amazon*Season 2 (German)
  • SD: 2.49 EUR
  • HD: 2.99 EUR
  • SD: 3.98 EUR
  • HD: 5.98 EUR
maxdome*Season 1 (German, English)
  • SD: 2.49 EUR
  • HD: 2.99 EUR
  • SD: 4.49 EUR
  • HD: 7.49 EUR
iTunes*season 1 & 2 (German, English)
  • SD: 1.99 EUR
  • HD: 2.49 EUR
  • SD: 5.99 EUR
  • HD: 7.99 EUR
Google Play*Season 1 (German)
  • SD: 1.99 EUR
  • HD: 2.99 EUR
  • SD: 6.99 EUR
  • HD: 8.99 EUR

Who wants to have the best possible quality or something preferable to "put on the shelf" can of course also buy the Season Blu-rays of A Young Doctor's Notebook. The favorable offer for you is right here:

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A Young Doctor&# 8217; s Notebook - Season 3?

The series was completed in 2013 and the stories of the short story collection were processed in the series. A third season is for this reason - and because the series for many more existed under the radar - very unlikely.

Would you still like to see a third season or fits the old saying "you should stop when it is at its best" at this point perhaps even very good? Let us know your thoughts in the comments to know.

Sources: Big Talk Productions, BBC, Sky, Polyband


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