Need for Speed: Upgrades / Options for your vehicles

In the racing game Need for Speed, there are 51 vehicles that can tune it with tons of upgrades as you want. However, not only visual aspects play a role - the Performance and handling can be adapted to individual needs. Depending on whether the driver prefers to drift or drive fast race - with the upgrades a lot is possible.

Need for Speed: Upgrades / Options for your vehicles

Publisher EA promised with this Need for speed part, the most comprehensive tuning options that exist in the history of racing series. And thus they have not promised too much. In this part of the series, there are numerous opportunities for Upgrades.

7134Need for Speed: Upgrades - Tuning

Need for Speed &# 8211; Upgrades: So you get it

In various ways it is possible to gain access to coveted upgrades. The easiest way is probably the variant with money to buy. This earned her the best for racing or day challenges. By REP, so reputation points, it rises in REP ranking on. So are gradually released after more tuning options. How else you can make money and REP, you read it here.

There are also collector's items in Need for Speed ​​can find the players to get additional bonuses. So there are for example twelve free car parts that are not buying it that way. You can either use or sell.

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The 4 tuning options for your car

Whether it be the hood pimp, decorate the paint with graphics or add a nitro injection will - In Need for Speed ​​There are four tuning options, with which you can tinker your individual dream car:

  • visuals: The optical tuning modified the car with body kits and send rims.
  • Paint & Wrap: The "Color Menu & Film "relies on a novel editor that provides next stickers multiple graphics and shapes.
  • Perfomance: The Performance upgrades exacerbate the performance euers cars.
  • handling: The handling coordination personalized your car and change the driving behavior.
Need for Speed: Tuning - The handling can be customizedNeed for Speed: Tuning &# 8211; The handling can be customized

Need for Speed: Upgrades for optics

In this menu item you can first the bikes change. In addition, it is free to you, modify or discontinue all four wheels equal changes between the front and rear wheels. Calipers and brake discs can also be selected here. Finally, the wheels can be adjusted. Here you have the choice of various sizes: from 14 to 22 inches and more with.

After that come the Front and the rear of the car turn. These are the following options:

  • Suspension (wedge shape, front and rear track width, etc.)
  • Bodywork (hood, bumper, fender headlights etc.)
  • Windshield and mirrors
  • spoiler
  • Sound system and trunk
  • exhaust system
  • diffuser
  • tail lights
  • license plate

but you are overwhelmed by the vast selection, you can now breathe again: There are bodykits, So pre-assembled parts that fit together stylistically.

Need for Speed: Tuning - The look of the car can be changedNeed for Speed: Tuning &# 8211; The look of the car can be changed

Colorful tuning for the car

Apart from the fine-tuning of each Colour, the the color range has to offer, there is now a completely new Foil Editor. The shapes and graphics can be moved individually and scale. Additionally, it is possible to apply the films multilayered.

There is also a wide range of logos and decals and Characters, letters, numbers and patterns.

Need for Speed: Tuning - The slide editor holds a variety of shapes and logos readyNeed for Speed: Tuning &# 8211; The slide editor holds a variety of shapes and logos ready

Performance upgrades for more power

Now that so the Optical is clarified, it goes to power of the car. Here you can a variety of parts under the hood tune. What is possible is to be enumerated below:

  • air filter
  • cooling system
  • Intake
  • Fuel system
  • engine charging
  • Electrical system
  • ignition
  • control unit
  • block
  • camshaft
  • cylinder head
  • Auspuffkümmer and exhaust system
  • coupling
  • nitro system
  • landing gear
  • differential
  • tire
  • Brakes and handbrake
  • stabilizers

Any change also attracts a Modification of the handling and performance after it.

Need for Speed: Tuning - The Performance takes twice as something out of the car out

Upgrades for a personalized handling

Handling can be customized. Respects her more on drifting, you can set this. If the cars have a strong grip, there is grip-tuning options for you. These two options are therefore open drivers: Drift and grip. Will a driver not perform fine-tuning, it can the regulator simply left towards drift, or right direction Grip move.

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