Pinch-to-zoom: Microsoft and Samsung want preparedness Patent

Almost instinctively grab smartphone and tablet users today with two fingers on the screen if they want to shrink or enlarge text or images. Pinch-to-zoom is called the gesture and all they want. So that works out, all try to patent them. After Apple recently, Microsoft and Samsung.

Pinch-to-zoom: Microsoft and Samsung want preparedness Patent reports on the two applications at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which once again Samsung and Microsoft are trying to secure the rights to the popular zoom gesture. It is in each case a behavior described that adjusts the display accordingly, depending on whether the user zooms in or out.

Of course, Microsoft and Samsung are aware that they pretty much play with these applications, which Apple in its patent has protected it. You also know that this same patent is currently under attack and Apple must fight against an impending devaluation by the Patent Office.

Whose decision has yet been made, so the maneuver by Microsoft and Samsung prevention can be seen as a kind. In the event that Apple should remain unsuccessful with his appeal against the possible decision of the USPTO, you have the same own proposals at the start. Until then, however, the documents are largely worthless.

(Via MacLife, Image: Vector set of Commonly used multi-touch gestures via Shutterstock)


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