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Cloud-based antivirus tool with easy operation and high detection rate.

Of the Panda Cloud Cleaner Download is a free antivirus tool, which is characterized in that it is designed cloud-based. This means that the software involves the detection routines for new, outstanding malware from a cloud, which means that the Panda Cloud Cleaner is always up-to-date virus detection technology.

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Operation Panda Cloud Cleaner is really a very simple form: After you have downloaded the tool and installed, you need press only on the "Accept and Scan" to accept the license agreement and to start scanning your system. If Panda Cloud Cleaner has completed the search for malware on the computer, the program shows in the event of one or more findings from a review of these. Optionally, you can then the found items of this type of malware or delete the button "Clean" all finds. Panda Cloud Cleaner then performs the desired actions and outputs a success message, then you can exit the program via "Exit" button.

Panda Cloud Cleaner launch window

Adjustable options and additional features of Panda Cloud Cleaner

The Panda Cloud Cleaner Download offers you the Home screen using the drop-down menu next to "Accept and Scan" button to scan for malware also the possibility of only certain areas of the PC, such as hard disks, partitions or directories. "Advanced Tools" there are also some additional functions; with "Kill all processes" can you quit all running processes except the necessary for the operating system once, you can unlock locked malware files to change or delete and "Send Files to Panda" with "Unlock Files" can you Send files to Panda Cloud to keep their true for malware that were not recognized by the program, which contributes to the development of cloud-based detection routines.

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  • (Figure 1.1):Running scan with Panda Cloud Cleaner

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