Google Street View: Is the invite?

Street View is a feature of Google, which was introduced of 2007. So cities can be clicked into pedestrian perspective. Who uses the browser Street View, it does not need to download, for mobile use, there are apps for free download. We explain how to use works stationary and mobile.

Google Street View: Is the invite?

Street View as a feature in Google Maps

The easiest way to Street View can be used on Google Maps.

Moves the yellow figure on the position to be viewed from the pedestrian perspective.Moves the yellow figure on the position to be viewed from the pedestrian perspective.
  1. Opens. to Google Maps in the browser.
  2. Give the address or city that want to explore their via Street View.
  3. Move the mouse on the yellow males in the lower right of the window, so that a hand icon appears.
  4. Hold the mouse button and move the male to the position that you want to see from the pedestrian perspective. Let go of the mouse.
  5. Google Maps now shows the Street View of position. appears at the top left, from which year the Street View comes.
  6. To exit the mode click the arrow at the top left of the screen. You are returning to the normal Google Maps view.


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Street View kind: background information

Google has, probably because the inclusion of the roads using the Google cars a Street View information portal was not undisputed, established that explains the origin of Street View and its use. Also information about privacy can be found here. Those who want to help promote the Google mapping the world and lives in a less accessible place, or has access learns here how to support Street View.

Street View Download: Free as an app

Anyone wanting to use Google Street View with the smartphone can do so more comfortable than through the mobile browser by choosing an app to Street View Download (for free).

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