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So nice the included wallpapers of Windows 7 may be, they are impersonal. To get started, if you are new conquered a computer, usually belongs to changing the desktop background image. Because you can do something and I will tell you what and how ...

Windows can find and change 7 wallpapers

Before you start, you have to find out some information about his monitor. For a background image looks good and is represented nationwide, it should have approximately the same size as the monitor resolution. To quickly find out the resolution, you need click on Desktop only with the right mouse button. Then in the context menu &# 8220; screen resolution&# 8221; Select and already appears to us what resolution should also have the background. If it is smaller, it is either presented with a rim or stretched. Neither is optimal.

screen resolutionIdeally, Windows 7 wallpapers have the same resolution as the monitor

Matching Windows 7 will find wallpapers and integrate

With relatively little effort, you can customize the background image of the screen resolution. At least then, if it is greater. Zoom always goes. Enlarge looks strange. A wonderful source of great wallpapers in just the right size is the Google image search.

Google image search exactlyGoogle provides exactly the right wallpapers for Windows 7

Because if we look at a topic on Google for images, we can still change the search options below the search box. And in the department size, there is the possibility, under the menu item &# 8220; Exact&# 8221; indicate the extent to which to search. And if that does not bring results, it can be still with &# 8220; Larger than ...&# 8221; try.

Once on the hard disk images can be easily integrated as wallpaper for the Windows 7 desktop. However, it is recommended that the background images collected in a specific folder store.

Set desktop backgroundEach image we can use as Windows 7 Wallpapers &# 8211; a click of the mouse

Then one of the images or even more one seeks out and marks them to finally to click with the right mouse button. In the context menu then the option is &# 8220; Set as desktop background&# 8221 ;. Did you mark only one image, this becomes the active background image. In several pictures a slideshow is created, which now alternates the images randomly.

Start Photogallery(3 pictures)Solution to Windows Installer Modules Worker (TiWorker.exe)

The Windows Connect 7 wallpapers with Dropbox

How would it be if you could access at each workstation to the same favorite wallpapers. Of course, that would be possible by one takes new pictures on a flash drive to another computer, but that's impractical &# 8211; but where it is much easier. The only prerequisite is that the Dropbox client has been installed on all PCs.

desktop background slide show settingsA slideshow Windows 7 uses all wallpapers from a folder

Now you need only store his background images in a folder that is available on all computers, and at the same time automatically synchronized by Dropbox. The slideshow of wallpapers of Windows 7 to use any images on demand, which are in a selected folder the property. So you to take the Dropbox subfolders and now has the certainty that the same backgrounds are on all computers.

In the slide show we can specify the images are alternated as quickly if they are to be mixed or shown in a fixed order and how the images are positioned. It can also separate images from the show and deselect each new photo added is yes automatically pushed over the Dropbox on the other PC. Simple, you can not keep in sync his favorite backgrounds in Windows. 7