Devious Maids: No Season 5 and unanswered questions

The finale of the fourth season of "Devious Maids" leaves many questions that we would now be pleased to answer. It would be best, of course, if "Devious Maids" came back with Season 5 and resolves the cliffhanger final episode. But unfortunately, it is different: cancellation of the series.

How is it to work as a maid for the rich in LA, we learn in the series "Devious Maids", which is regarded as the successor of "Desperate Housewives". In every season something strange that want to educate the diligent maid happened. Unfortunately, it looks bad with season fifth

377438Series starts in 2016 - Part 1

Devious Maids in the stream

Devious Maids: Season 5 deposed

A bad sign: the channel Lifetime Television announced for the 4th season already 10 episodes ordered instead of the usual 13th Since it was unclear whether a fifth season comes, Season 4 ended with a cliffhanger and open questions.

Devious Maids Season 5 will not exist.Devious Maids Season 5 will not exist.

After that, the series was canceled by the sender: none Season 5 more! No answers to burning questions of Season 4. The reason as always: low TV ratings. These are in fact fallen steadily in "Devious Maids":

Nielsen rating
season 1~ 3 million
season 2~ 2.2 million
season 3~ 1.4 million
Season 4< 1 million

When Odds tendency management was clear: weaning.

What would have happened in Season 5 of "Devious Maids"?

In an interview with TV Line producer Sabrina Wind has revealed that the abduction of Marisol would mean the entry into the fifth season of "Devious Maids". Moreover us the final episode of season four has left with even more questions. All these loose ends would have joined season. 5

  • For example, if you had to know why Rosie has her Mann Spence does not tell the truth about Tucker.
  • Also we would know if Adrian and Evelyn now finally separated after her divorce. They might have, but also continued to make each other's lives a living hell.

Where to run the relays 1 to 4 in the TV and online?

If you have the first four seasons is not considered to you, you find them online in streaming among others, Amazon Instant Video *Devious Maids: No Season 5 and unanswered questions, Max cathedrals *Devious Maids: No Season 5 and unanswered questions and iTunes *Devious Maids: No Season 5 and unanswered questions.

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