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Who lately more and more often the abbreviation "ibf" in the chat or Messenger, read on social networks and other platforms does not seem to just unpopular. What does the abbreviation "ibf", we show you here.

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Of course, there are many organizations, associations and institutions using the acronym IBF for themselves. However, when the private chat uses the abbreviation "ibf", which means only one of two things in most cases:

What does "ibf" in the chat? (Option 1)

When in the chat or on social media from a "Ibf" is spoken, which means in most cases "Internet Best FRiEnd ": one has learned only from or through the Internet So a best friend. An IBF is thus quasi the BFF on the Internet.

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IBF, IGF? What do the abbreviations mean? (Option 2)

Another, very similar importance for IBF but can also Internet-BoyfRiEnd be - that is, a boyfriend with whom one carries a long distance relationship over the Internet. This contrasts with the female counterpart: The IGF, so Internet-GirlfRiEnd.

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Did you have ever had a "ibf" - a friend that you know only from the Internet, but you shared with her much? Leave us your stories in the comments.

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