7 Free-plays, are really worth it

On the web, there are now a number of sites where you can find free audio books and radio plays. Not always free productions fulfill the hopes for a quality experience, but there are some gems to be found. Here is a list of seven radio plays and audiobooks that there is free and definitely worth it.

7 Free-plays, are really worth it

Who wants to browse, find elsewhere our overview of the best sources for download free Hörstoff, we also had compiled our favorites for English audio books as well as our recommendations to be heard in streaming audio books.

7 Free-plays, are really worth it

1. Dietmar Dath: The Abolition of the Species

Free radio play: The Abolition of the Species - Cover

A treasure trove of sophisticated quality productions is the radio play pool from the Bavarian Radio. Under the experimental substances found, inter alia, to Wittgenstein &Tractatus; # 8220&# 8221; edited by Console and this strong Tobak by Dietmar Dath: &# 8220; The Abolition of the Species&# 8220 ;.

The ex-Spex boss provides for a few years sophisticated novels, in his Suhrkamp debut the earth of Beasts is governed, which can change their DNA itself (hence the title of the book) and a war against the ceramist, Mechanical Engineering from the Amazon , to lead. That's pretty crazy stuff staffed with high-caliber speakers, and blows the brain free for a world in which evolution has virtually overtaken men. The entire production of the BR can be downloaded for free here.

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