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Fire Band Shrine

  1. Speak to the fire guardian in the middle of the shrine.
  2. Speak to the Shrine Maiden, sitting in the aisle right on the side. It buys and sells goods and you can look at their offer.
  3. Speak with Hawkwood, the deserter to the gesture &Collapse; # 8220&# 8221; to obtain. This is the dejected soldier sitting right on the stairs in the shrine. All you have to know about this NPC otherwise, you read the Guide: Dark Souls 3: Hawkwood &# 8211; Quest Walkthrough for deserter
  4. Andre speak with the blacksmith at the end of the aisle, the gesture &# 8220; Hurray!&# 8221; to obtain.
  5. Leave the fire tape shrine on the way to the top right, and catch you outside the Soul of an abandoned corpse from the corpse next to the tower.
  6. Have you been to you tower key bought for 20,000 souls at the Shrine Maiden, opens the tower and goes up to the bridge.
  7. Jumps from the center of the bridge on the roof of the fire band shrine and stand on the left, the ladder down to unlock the abbreviation.
  8. Jump behind the fire tape shrine back under the bridge down and kill the crystal Lizard quickly to a Funkeltitanit to obtain.
  9. Take the native bone the canopy of fire band shrine.
  10. Go through the open window on the roof on the support beams of fire band shrine inside and collect the Estus Shard here one. The localities of all shards you read the Guide: Dark Souls 3: Estus shards &# 8211; All localities at a glance
  11. In the middle you can here Crow dealer Snuggly make barter. By dropping a native bone in the nest, you also get the gesture &Summoning; # 8220&# 8221;. More information about Snuggly there in the Guide: Dark Souls 3: Crow's Nest exchange list &# 8211; these objects can you get
  12. Smash the illusion wall at the back which let you fall on the increase behind the throne of King Lothric. Here you will find a treasure chest with the right Silver snake ring. The localities of all rings you read the Guide: Dark Souls 3: All rings and their discovery sites at a glance
  13. Now go back to the tower up and over the bridge into the bell tower. Look at the elevator down to the left and let you notice carefully on the protruding grave to the Armor set the fire guardian take.
  14. Drop down all the way to the bottom and take the Estus Ring here.
  15. Now you can watch the barred door out again open to the graveyard of the ashes. Goes back up the bell tower and take the elevator this time all the way up to the Fire Guardian soul to see the bell.
  16. The Fire Guardian soul can fire guardian give her to make it the dark seal heals you. Note that you then but Yoel and Yuria can upset and did not reach the envelope princes end!
  17. is on the way back patches you have included depending on the game progress, and you have to jump back over the graves down. More about patches you read the Guide: Dark Souls 3: Siegward Catarina &# 8211; Quest Walkthrough for Onion Knight
  18. Now you have once everything in the fire belt Shrine done and can watch the beacon to the first area &# 8220; High wall of Lothric&# 8221; teleport.
The start has been made. The Fire Band shrine works like the Nexus in Demon's Souls.The start has been made. The Fire Band shrine works like the Nexus in Demon&# 8217; s Souls.

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