Finding a Anonymous Proxy and set up in Windows – easily

I can set my browser if I want to use to connect to the Internet a proxy server. This gives me a minimum anonymity.

Finding a Anonymous Proxy and set up in Windows - easily

So instead of put myself right above my provider to the Internet, while a server with a different IP address is interposed. In a so-called anonymous proxy is doing &# 8211; as opposed to a transparent proxy &# 8211; hiding my own IP address and the server on the other side see the IP of the proxy server. And that can be quite advantageous. For example, if my Youtube music video will once again because of the Gema dispute not show, because I clearly am from Germany.

youtube lock proxyI come from Germany, as not many shows me Youtube videos. Unless I use a Anonymous Proxy!

Anonymous Proxy? Where do I find the?

The need for anonymous proxies is high. For as is the amount of web pages to explain otherwise, who specializes in the search for it? And why there are usually so many of these anonymous proxies? At least this question can be answered quickly and easily: Many server administrators have simply sloppy and do not know that are on their server floodgates wide open. It is often not deliberate proxy, but carelessly configured Web server. Some of these servers are also open on purpose to offer desperate Internet surfers an alternative.

anonymous proxy listA list of anonymous proxies, like here on shows and suitable proxy IPs and also information on which Availability

So to find the IP address of an Anonymous Proxy, you need to click only by the respective lists. Under the user can pick out the useful anonymous proxies and the possibility to see, how the reaction time is whether it is transparent or anonymous proxy and, above all, what IP and over what he has port he goes.

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use a anonymous proxy in the browser

The inclusion of an anonymous proxy IP in the browser is much easier than you perhaps thinks. It's about &# 8211; and can be set separately in each browser &# 8211; as it connects to the Internet. In Firefox we find this point below &# 8220; Extras &# 8211; settings&# 8221 ;. Now the icon &# 8220; Advanced&# 8221; click and there the tab &Network; # 8220&# 8221; Select. is high then &# 8220; specify how Firefox connects to the Internet&# 8221 ;. the button &Settings; # 8220&# 8221; opens the window looking for. Usually there &No proxy; # 8220&# 8221; selected. We are interested in the case but the &# 8220; Manual Proxy Configuration&# 8221 ;.

manual anonymous proxyOnce we have entered the Anonymous Proxy and stored, we travel with a new IP by the network

Here two values ​​are retrieved, we can find proxy list both in an Anonymous. Firstly, the IP of the proxy, on the other hand the port used. The port is usually either 80 or 8080 &# 8211; a standard port of the HTTP protocol. Once you have saved this and both windows closed, you should try gleichmal whether it has since worked. Sites such as usually show us reliably to our IP. If all goes well, you now show us a foreign IP.

youtube anonymous proxyThanks to the Anonymous Proxy Youtube does not recognize my location and shows me back all videos

Dangers and problems of Anonymous Proxies

An anonymous proxy is a kind of hiding place is. It masked his true origin and pretends to be somewhere else. For investigating authorities, it is no problem to determine who really is behind it. But first of all works out well. However, it is technically relatively easy to recognize as a website operator if someone uses a proxy. Apparently Google does not care, but other sites block proxy users from. Paypal, for example, because this is about money. Since you want to try to conceal their identity no customers.

Apart from this, one should make clear that now all traffic through the server of a person running, which I do not know a thing. I have no idea who is this and what he may do with my data. I do not know if he is cheering me any other things or whether he overhears my access for Web pages. So you should think twice in any case, what you do there. If in doubt, the risk is greater than the benefits.


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