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Calculator with percent function help if you want to quickly calculate a percentage gain or loss supplement without bringing the head with the three-pronged approach to smoking. We introduce you to the three best computers.

Anyone looking for a calculator to calculate percentages today, who rarely says a real machine that you put in your pocket. Rather, the most a feature-rich program looking for your PC, with whom she at least also can use the percentage calculation in addition to the four basic arithmetic operations. Since there are a lot of offers and a you have even yourself ...

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The windows own calculator: Percentage and endless possibilities

Who has Windows already has a very good calculator with percent function. And along the way, the program can do much, much more. In Windows 10, it is found in the Start menu under Apps. You can also enter into the search field of the Start menu "Computer" to start it.

calculator Percent windows10Windows already has a calculator with percent key

At first glance, it can be edited and not spectacular, but already the default view of this calculator dominates the percentage calculation, can pull roots and calculated X high 2 and 1 by X.

Since there are different some of these machines, we tell you briefly, as the percentage calculation with the Windows calculator works.

In calculating percentages, there are three possible outcomes. They want to know how high a value when you add or subtract a certain percentage. Or you want to know what value results from a percentage of the initial value.

Do you want to pull something from baseline or should expect, then it goes like this:

  • First you type in the output value. For example, 1,500.
  • Then you click on plus or minus - depending on whether you want to add or subtract the percentage.
  • Now you type in the percentage - for example 25th
  • Then you click on the percent sign.
  • Now you already the calculator displays the result of the percentage calculation. In our example, 25 percent of 1,500 are = 375th
  • If you now click on the equal sign, you will get the result
    1,500 + 375 = 1,875.

The three bars in the top left open the menu of the Windows calculator. You can switch it between a scientific mode, a variant for programmers, a date calculation, as well as various conversion functions.

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Percentage with Google

Many will come to this site because they were looking for a calculator with percentage calculations. Hardly anyone has come up with the idea to use Google also equal to himself as a calculator. The search engine provides much just in this regard. If you're looking around "100 EUR in USD", then you get shown how much dollars you get for 100 euros currently. But Google also can be expected. This works even in the search field of your browser.

google-calculator-percentGoogle as a percentage calculator

Just give time "19% x 1850" into the search field of your browser as an invoice. Then you show the preview of the search terms the number of 351.5 - the result. That's 19 percent of 1,850! Or writes "1850 + 19%" and get a 2,201.5 displayed. If you still presses the Enter key, you get a Google results page with a calculator display.

calculator-googleGoogle calculator can calculate percentages and more

So you have the next calculator always just a click away - as long as you have an Internet connection.

Percent Calculator as Apps for iPhone and Android

When it comes to school to something more complicated than the four basic arithmetic operations, you get from the teacher explains that one must now learn that, "because you have finally later also not always a calculator here." But that's what we did! Pretty much everyone has a cell phone any time there and most of them have either an included calculator app - or can load one.

android calculatorOf course, the Android calculator also dominates the percentages

As an example, can be called the app "calculator", which is on every Android phone. In portrait mode, the computer offers a few standards - including the percentage calculation. Do you take the phone across, the app turns into a scientific calculator and can do even more. On the iPhone that looks similar. Also here you have the basic equipment already a calculator with percent key. but you can also Percent Calculator for iPhone download. So the teacher was wrong. Everyone has a computer in your pocket and not just a simple calculator today.

Depending on where you were working, so you can always use a computer, which of course can also calculate percentages. The Google computer works like this in any operating system and even older phones have a calculator.

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