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With the freenet login you can you log on Freenet and gain access to the free e-mail inbox. You will also find on Freenet, a job exchange, the Freenet community and news and headlines from sports, politics, business and entertainment.

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Freenet login: Register in Freenet

The web provider Freenet is known mainly for the free e-mail service. Freenet still offers many other services beyond. Sun can be found here own Freenet community where you can share you with others, a job exchange and of course news from sports, politics and entertainment. yet most people use the Freenet Login most frequently to log in their personal email inbox to send and receive messages.

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How the Freenet Login

is to register with Freenet &# 8211; free as in most similar providers. The Freenet login itself is kept relatively simple and done with a few mouse clicks. Here's how it works:

Freenet Login enter data

  1. Gets the Home of Freenet on: On the top right you will see an input mask for the access.
  2. Give here your Freenet email address and the corresponding password.
  3. Then it confirmed by clicking on Register.

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After that you will be forwarded to your mailbox, and can send emails with Freenet and received. If you are looking for an alternative to Freenet, we show you in this article the best free e-mail provider at a glance.

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On the subject:

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Freenet login: differences between Basic Login and power-Login

Freenet offers two different logins: Freenet Basic login and Freenet Power login. The Basic login is free, for the power you need to login 1.99, - to pay EUR per month. These are the differences:

With the freenet Basic login you will receive:

  • Your free email box at Freenet
  • 1 GB storage for email & files
  • Data security under German law
  • Server location in Germany
  • Spam and Virus Protection

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With the freenet-power login you will receive:

  • 5 GB storage capacity
  • no advertising
  • You can add up to 10 mailboxes (for example, from web.de, Yahoo or Google)
  • Top Spam and Virus Protection

There is still next to the tariffs Classic and safe, the unlimited storage, and promise even better protection. All Details can be found in the following table.

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Freenet Login does not work: To solve their problems

Perhaps the Freenet Login does not work and you can not sign you. In this case, you should try the following solutions.

  • If you your password have forgotten, you can request a new password online directly from Freenet.
  • Fits also on to enter it right.
  • Pays particular attention to the correct uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Tips for secure passwords found in this article: Secure Password: Top Tips and memory aids.
  • In an emergency, you can also try to crack your password. Here we show you some tricks to: crack password: These tools help in an emergency.

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Also important: If you do not use your Freenet email account long for 180 days, all email, including attachments are deleted. At 365 days of inactivity, the entire account will be deleted and you have to sign you again for the Freenet login.

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