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On the occasion of the attempted coup in Turkey, many what a coup actually ask. We give you a brief definition in the following guide and tear some examples of recent coups on.

Launched in the early hours of Saturday, July 16 coup attempt in Turkey has claimed at least 290 lives, so far 6,000 people have been arrested (Source: zeit.de). But what is a coup?

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What is a coup?

If a conspiracy and a coup is mentioned, it is a coup. The definition according to Duden is:

&# 8220; of a smaller group performed overthrow to take over the state power&# 8221;

A coup is none other than the action against the current government. The planning takes first course in silence rather than for the government members can not take action against it in time. To achieve such a goal also requires the trailer recruitment and generally the use of the military. The better approach is planned to proceed the more people against the government and members come together and the more assertiveness is demonstrated by the military, the more likely it is that it is not only a coup attempt. People who join the project and want to overthrow the government, be as putschists designated.


Examples of coups in history

We tear some of the biggest coups briefly for you and give a brief insight.

Kapp Putsch in 1920

The so-called Kapp Putsch Lüttwitz directed against the Weimar Republic, but failed after 100 hours. Starting the coup by General Walther von Lüttwitz, Erich Ludendorff and Wolfgang Kapp, the Social Democratic members of the government in Berlin had to flee. By the disagreement on the ultimate goals of the coup and the resistance of the proletariat remained in a coup attempt.

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1917 October Revolution

The First World War also cost Russia Huge sums and the population suffered from hunger and social misery. The communist Bolsheviks decided to act against the Soviets and the social-liberal transition government that would draft a new constitution. On November 7, the execution of the uprising began - after the former Julian calendar was the October 25. The military took decisive points in the city, and the seat of government (winter Palace) Was captured and deposed the government. The Bolsheviks prevailed and tore the leadership of Russia itself. This coup is also called Great October Socialist Revolution designated.

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Winter Palace coup RussiaThe Winter Palace in St. Petersburg was taken during the October Revolution.

Beer Hall Putsch in 1923

When Hitler coup (even Hitler Ludendorff Putsch and march on the Feldherrnhalle) wanted Adolf Hitler and Erich Ludendorff and other insurgents in Munich take power in order then to march through Berlin, as once Mussolini in 1922 *What is a coup? Definition and Examples. The goal was to declare in Berlin dictatorship and abolish the Republic. Hitler shot with his pistol in Bürgerbräukeller in the ceiling, were present in the cabinet members and claimed &# 8220; the national revolution&# 8221; had broken out. The Deputy Prime Minister Franz Matt launched an appeal against Ludendorff and Gustav von Kahr explained by radio NSDAP, Oberland and Reichskriegsflagge for dissolved. Still, it came during a march through Munich to shots on Ludendorff, Hitler and other coup leaders.

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Munich putsch

Who wants to read more about the subject, either digs its history indicates googling the internet or look at what Amazon so to coup literature *What is a coup? Definition and Examples has to offer. A top seller is here, for example, &# 8220; The silent coup *What is a coup? Definition and Examples - Like a secret elite in business and politics to Europe and our country under the nail tearing&# 8221; Jürgen Roth. in his unveiling work with facts and authentic reports of the investigative journalist describes a coup against EU citizens. Prior to that obtained its Bestsellers &# 8220; Gazprom - the sinister empire&# 8221; and &Gangster economy; # 8220&# 8221; Stir.

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