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The La Table restaurant Suisse currently causing a stir on the web: In the Swiss establishment guests &# 8211; hold tight &# 8211; allegedly dogs and cats served on the dinner plate. Such a thing is not really &# 8211; or is it?

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La Table Suisse: PR campaign of vegetarian organizations

Updated on 15.2. 2016

Actually, it was clear from the outset that there really is La Table Suisse micht. In that animal rights activists and vegetarians are behind the whole thing, has also been speculated. It's official: As the website says 20 minutes, three organizations have known about the action: Swissveg, the vegetarian federation of Germany and the initiative Beyond Carnism from the US. Responsible for the implementation of the campaign was the German marketing agency Scholz & Friends.

With the fictional restaurant you would have to &Karnismus; # 8220&# 8221; want to draw attention, so those responsible The term describes a the According vegetarians &# 8220; invisible system of beliefs that conditions people on eating only certain species and not others&# 8221 ;. This distinction is artificial, so Renato Pichler of Swissveg talking to 20 minutes: &# 8220; In India people do not eat cows, dogs in China are sold in the market - that would be unthinkable for us. But in the restaurant to eat other animals, without thinking.&# 8221;

La Table Suisse FacebookMany Facebook users were &# 8211; say the least &# 8211; not exactly thrilled when she learned of the restaurant.

but the food animals is &# 8211; just like vegetarianism &# 8211; a conscious decision, Pichler - just the Karnismus. &# 8220; This page is never looked at, and we want to make people aware.&# 8221; Whether one with the &# 8220; La Table Suisse&# 8221; really initiates a change of thinking to be seen again &# 8211; Attention came with their project in any case the makers. On Facebook and there was a huge commotion &# 8211; besides much approval the makers were also significant resistance to massive threats.

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La Table Suisse &# 8211; Dogs and cats from the menu

Restaurants, aimed at something more exotic tastes, there are now so few. Something like the La Table Suisse Europe had probably not yet: thus the Swiss restaurant advertises &interpret traditional Swiss cuisine; # 8220&# 8221; namely by dogs and cats serves. Since the site went online some time ago La Table Suisse is a hot topic in the network. Many people wonder: What is this all about? And is such a thing even legal? On the Facebook page of the restaurant at the comments pile &# 8211; and as you can imagine, fall out of the mostly not very positive.

La Table Suisse BannerProvided by: La Table Suisse

So La Table Suisse works

If you look at the power performance of La Table Suisse, it is initially striking that the media coverage of the restaurant is professionally mounted, complete with commercials, an attractively designed website and a photo of the alleged owner Moritz Brunner. you did not know better, and were it not for this thing with the dogs and cats could actually feel that you are dealing with a new, exclusive luxury restaurant.

To dispel any doubts, operators also go directly to the question of whether the sale of dog and cat meat is legal. For this it says on the website La Table Suisse:

In Switzerland, it is still not forbidden to eat their own dog or cat's own - but only our innovative adoption system makes serving this unusual specialties possible.

Since the law prohibits the sale of cat and dog meat, it is imperative that every dog ​​and cat is adopted before slaughter of the guest who will eat this animal during his stay in our restaurant. La Table Suisse acts here solely as an intermediary between the farmer as a provider and the guest as a buyer of the animal.

We guarantee that the slaughter on the spot made by a qualified butcher, according to the Swiss Animal Protection Ordinance and processes only meat from such animals.

Say: As the animals before eating first be adopted by the guests and thus pass into the possession of the guest, it is possible to serve dogs and cats on the menu, even if it is actually prohibited by law.

La Table Suisse WebsiteThe website of La Table Suisse acts consistently professional. Provided by: La Table Suisse

Just a fake &# 8211; or there really is La Table Suisse?

So far so good. Overall, the appearance of La Table Suisse looks so pretty professional and seems to have also secured legal. But really there is this restaurant? as we have our doubts.

  • On the side no imprint, and no address is given: Apparently you have this removed due to vandalism &# 8211; but that can also be a outworked reason to conceal the true identity of the operator as well.
  • The loophole that enables the eating of own pets is not quite as flawless a closer look: In the Swiss Ordinance on foodstuffs of animal origin serving of dogs and cats is expressly prohibited for commercial purposes &# 8211; and, besides, these are indeed adoption or not.
  • In the nets themselves also can not find a registered restaurant called La Table Suisse &# 8211; also about the alleged operators Moritz Brunner there is any further information.
  • In addition, the restaurant and the website showed up out of nowhere (the website was registered only on 08 February 2016) and have taken care of in a very short time for a lot of excitement on the Internet &# 8211; a good indication that this is viral marketing in its purest form.
La Table Suisse KochThat should be the alleged operator of the La Table Suisse. Provided by: La Table Suisse

Conclusion: It can be assumed that there is not really La Table Suisse and this is just a hoax with the whole thing &# 8211; even if you have to admit that the forgery acts deceptively real. Why the operators are thus went public, it can only speculate. Is it perhaps, this is a vegetarian organization who want to draw attention to our consumer behavior with the project? We would not be surprised about it, anyway.

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