Battlefield 1: Professional tips for equipment, combat and more

Battlefield 1 is started and you can already before the official launch on October 21 in the Early Access the battlefields of World War make unsafe. In our guide with tips and tricks we give you help on the best weapons, the equipment and the best tactics on the cards.

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Grave struggles and the fight on horseback are certainly unusual new mechanisms in Battlefield 1, in which you have to get used to at first. Therefore, we give you below Tips on the main aspects in the game and how you can quickly become a war hero.

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Updated on October 21, 2016

Battlefield 1: Tips for professionals and veterans

Battlefield 1 is here and in comparison to its predecessors lots of innovations and features that should know both beginners and professionals. Below, we give you useful tips so you can dominate the battlefields of the First World War.

Weapon Unlocks are level dependent

The Unlock gadgets and weapons Its like in Battlefield 4. So you have to reach a certain rank to unlock new weapons. In addition, you have this then on the Game currency war bonds Unlock which reaches it by reaching a new player levels. We show you this also, as you level up in Battlefield 1 quickly and can increase ranks.

Remember also that you level also separately once each class to unlock you weapons that you can use it only with the appropriate class.

Battlefield 1: classes and special classes in multiplayer

Fewer weapons, but variable

Compared to Battlefield 4, the arsenal is not as extensive, but there are of almost every primary weapon Three different versions, adjust to your playing style. So you can, for example, adjust or set a better rate of fire from the hip, the accuracy of distances. So before you your war bonds used for a new weapon, necessarily compares the values.

Meet The longer you shoot, the more accurate LMG

Light machine guns have a particular advantage in Battlefield 1: The longer hold pressed her withdrawal, the higher the accuracy of the weapon. With LMG you should therefore refrain from short bursts, but offer your fellow players by continued covering fire protection. Do you take your finger off the trigger, the accuracy is reset.

LMG can use their catering to the class and they are intended to pin down enemies in their coverage so they can be flanked by other players. The high magazine capacity makes it perfect for this task.

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SMGs have become even weaker at distances

The machine guns at great distances are weak, should be generally known. In Battlefield 1, this is, however, become more extreme. At large distances one SMG loses the most damage and should therefore only be used on winding cards with not too many open spaces. You have no other viable Primärwffe going rather switches to a gun that is still better at distances as a SMG.

The recoil weapons can be adapted

Weapons always cause while shooting a certain recoil, the thing can you forgive when aiming. So you have to take countermeasures to compensate. In Battlefield 1 Weapon forgiven by default when shooting still upwards. So you have to control down to compensate.

You can this recoil but also themselves adapt. In the settings can determine their own whether the weapon when firing to the left to right or top forgiven. You can recoil so adjust your preferences and controller settings.

So work Revives

At the time of World War I, there was of course no defibrillators for Resurrect your comrades. In Battlefield 1 there for the syringe, brings back with her fallen teammates back into the game. These can use her again and again and also do not have to wait until it is recharged. To revive a teammate again, you have but very close to him to be, which can of course be risky. The syringe can you use against enemies but also deadly.

There is no engineer in Battlefield 1

When selecting the classes you have a Engineer refrain as in Battlefield 4th In terms of weaponry here comes the Assault the Engineer the next, as this can also equip shotguns and SMGs. However, they can not repair vehicles. This job takes over the Vehicle Class.

battlefield-1-pro tips-screenshot

For the fight against armored targets, the Assault is best. With it, you have Anti-tank grenades, dynamite and a rocket launcher there. In addition, you can watch by category climbs mines unlock.

The vehicle categories tank driver and pilot

If you in the battle in a tank or plane spawn, you belong to the class of vehicle.

  • Tank driver: Has a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, anti-tank grenades and a repair tool.
  • Pilot: Has the same primary weapons such as tank driver, but a different secondary weapon and flare gun and repair tool.

As a tank driver and pilot, you have the choice between six different primary weapons. Vehicles can you repair from the inside. However, this takes longer and is interrupted by shelling from outside. Seek out so better safe haven and gets out to repair. This is faster and enemy fire also does not interrupt the operation.

Battlefield 1: listing - all vehicles in the overview

Sniper rifles differ in their effectiveness

Sniper rifles have in Battlefield 1 Sweet spot. This means that a gun is very effective at a certain distance and caused the most damage. With the right sniper rifle on the perfect distance her enemy players can kill with one shot.

So experimented best with the various sniper rifles around in the game to find out the best gun for any distance.

Original article with tips on Beta

Battlefield 1: Tips to arms unlocks

First, it is important to understand that its not just a general Gamer Level have, but also the leveling each class can and must, to gain access to new weapons. Your player level can you see top right of the main menu. The player level, you increase by almost every action in Battlefield first

At the beginning but you should only your favorite class to play to send up these in the level and so Weapon Unlocks to earn. Your class level can you in the game under the customization option see bottom left, while you choose a class or waiting for a respawn. Here you can see in the upper right corner of your respective level with the selected class and can already see what Weapon Unlocks await you. Alternatively, you can also new weapons with the Warbonds unlock.

Battlefield 1: classes and special classes in multiplayer

Mark you it uses the locations of the elite classes and properly

The pick-ups from Battlefield 4 and Battlefield HardLine be in Battlefield 1 by the Elite classes replaced. Of these, there are three different and they can turn things around properly in a match, if you properly use know.

  • Guard elite class: Spawns near Capture Point F and thanks to thick machine gun enemies can kill very quickly. He also has a heavy armor. However, he can not wear gas mask and do not aim down.
  • Panzerjäger elite class: Located in the middle of the desert near the Capture Point E. This class uses a tank gun off two vehicles and tanks at long range. The weapon can be used only in the prone position or from a cover from but what makes this class rather inflexible.
  • Flames Protect elite class: Can next to the half-destroyed building near the Capture Point B being found. This class uses a flamethrower and fire grenades and is particularly effective against infantry. Although the gas mask restricts the view of some, but the stopping power with the flamethrower looks for its same.

However, that only an elite class can be active at one time considering. They are also highly specialized soldiers to be used according to their abilities. It's best to give them therefore escort the team.

battlefield-1-tips-elite classes

If you want to fly, using the fighter jet

In Battlefield 1 you have the choice between three different aircraft. Attack, fighter and bomber aircraft are available to you. Be very effective combat aircraft, which is very fast and easy to prove here. While it also holds out very little, but can make the right loadout for decent amount of damage.

Selected with the fighter aircraft best the Bomber Killer Loadout, which offers many missiles that cover a large damage area.

Used gas grenades to sniper

Are you in a sniper-infested area on the road, prove to the gas grenades be extremely practical. Thanks to the gas masks, you can not kill so much so, but their reduces one their target area, because you can not aim down with a gas mask. This forces her sniper to leave their position and can absorb it more easily with them. Should they alternatively remain with a gas mask, they can not so easily get caught thanks limited goals while you approach.

battlefield-1-tips sniper

Soldiers on horseback: Concentrate on the rider and not the horse

The new iconic features in Battlefield 1 belongs to the mounted combat. With sword in hand you can so many players surprise and quickly done. However, the handling of horses is not so easy. If you encounter an enemy riders, aims necessarily on the rider and not the horse.

Although you can also hurt the horses, but they have much more hit points as soldiers and armored enemies. Have you defeated a rider, you must still continue to be careful and take care of the horses roaming free. It can trample you and even kill.


A good weapon for the start: The M1918 Automatico

Do you play often with the Assault Class, worth the Beretta Model 1918 as a starting weapon particularly well. There are three variants of the weapon. Once reduced to hit accuracy but increased rate of fire when firing from the hip. A version is also available directly at the beginning of 40 Warbonds. But the best option turns her free with reaching class level. 3

Start Photogallery(122 images)Battlefield 1: Weapons list plus best weapon and unlock Hummingbird

Makes use of smoke grenades in Rush mode

The value of smoke grenades over normal grenades is often underestimated. especially in Rush mode they are useful to advance quickly and stay protected in enemy territory. Each class in the game can also take advantage of smoke grenades into battle. Did you play a lot with the paramedics, it turns later released a gun that can fire smoke grenades.

Orders as a defense artillery strikes

As a defender you need in Rush mode defend telegraph poles, which can be used to artillery strikes to order. Makes them always use if you can and forget it not when defending. The artillery strikes can not be targeted by you. Your only triggers and the game decides randomly where they land. The attacker can place bombs to destroy the towers. However, these can be mitigated again by the defenders.

Run after taking a point not further directly

Battlefield veterans may know this already, but it always makes sense after taking a point on the map just to stay and not to run straight on. This is because that usually spawn new vehicles to a newly occupied point. These include Vehicles or tanks, with which you can more effectively and more quickly advance further.

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