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Perhaps PlayStation Move not buying the number one reason for a PlayStation 4, but without the Zappelsteuerungs support, the survival horror adventure Until Dawn convincing. Teen Slasher for self-experience and -erschaudern.

experience teen slasher itself: Until Dawn

Since want a few friends a nice weekend in a remote cabin in the dark and scary forest experience and already they have to fight for their survival. In until Dawn about you take the role of eight teenagers who have to survive in the dark woods until sunrise. Of course, the playable protagonists are less and less while you're on the run from the local serial killer.

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Torture, death threats, bloodstained doors and much more can parallels to Scream and other teen Slashern arise. So if you want to shudder so beautiful, the Until Dawn should definitely try. Currently a successor for Until Dawn is planned. We have already allude Rush of Blood.

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Until Dawn: As was&8217; it s only two&# 8230;

The eight friends Sam, Josh, Jessica, Mike, Matt, Emily, Chris and Ashley wanted to spend a wet-happy weekend at the remote mountain hut. The self-invited serial killer was not scheduled. You control alternately the eight characters and distracts them from the third-person view of the immediate surroundings of the house. In this classic elements of slasher movies are of course to be found on every corner: the shed with the deadly tools, cracking in the forest and the obligatory power failure. You will meet with one of the player characters on the murderer, it is lightning fast to act. Sony and Supermassive Games regulate the on quick-time events, so makes sense.

Who there probably lurks behind them?Who there probably lurks behind them?

The so-called butterfly effect plays a major role in the horror game. You have to decide in many places, what happens next you. These have choices however consequences that you do not immediately noticed. A small butterfly icon in the upper right corner shows you that now a consequence waiting for you. Also, the game responds to your fears. In small cutscenes you learn the nice psychotherapists know who interrogates you about your fears. Depending on how you decide here, some sequences are replaced in the main game. The therapist is the way of Peter Stormare played that you know from films like The Big Lebowski, Fargo Constantine or of the 1996th Also among the teens are small celebrities like Hayden Panettiere or Rami Malek there.

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