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You want to play a YouTube video, but it just is no sound? There can be different reasons. In this article we will discuss what you can do to enjoy YouTube videos with sound.

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YouTube no sound: Easy-to-troubleshoot causes

If you sit at the computer and just get no sound on YouTube videos, though your speakers are turned on, just go through the following steps to solve the problem:

  1. The YouTube video simply offers no sound or very low. To rule this out, starts another player to look at how loud this. Plays, for example from an MP3 or a movie file on your PC.
  2. activate loudspeaker: Is the Sound off in Windows? looking down right in the taskbar. Is the speaker icon with a red X, or strikethrough? Click on it to turn the sound back. By right-clicking on the icon you can let you see the other audio devices. Selects it in Windows 10 "Playback Devices" in previous versions of Windows you must have the "Mixer" button, so that the audio devices you are displayed. You see here has a red, crossed-out circle on each speaker icon, the device is muted. By clicking on the corresponding speaker icon, the tone for the corresponding playback device or the particular software can be activated (such as YouTube) again.
  3. The same applies to the YouTube player. here is the sound off or the slider pushed almost all the way to the left?

    Ensures that the tone of the YouTube player is not eliminated.Ensures that the tone of the YouTube player is not eliminated.

  4. If these measures do not help, launches the browser and checks to see if the sound is played. If this is not successful, it tries in a different browser.

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YouTube without sound: hardware failure?

Check if your correctly installed Hardware is: maybe there is no or the wrong driver installed? This can you check as follows:

  1. Opens her the Device Manager by their presses the key combination Windows + R.
  2. Give the Run dialog then devmgmt.msc.
  3. In the field of audio, video and game controllers her double-clicks on your sound card.
  4. Now selects its driver > Update Driver and let the computer automatically updated driver software that this once installed.

Has not brought the desired results, you can manually adjust the driver from the manufacturer of your sound card to download and install. Another alternative is to reinstall the sound card. Leads for the Device Manager Right click on it and select Uninstall. After restarting your PC, the current driver should install automatically.

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More reasons why YouTube is not playing sound

Maybe your Flash player does not work properly.

  1. Checking if their the latest version of Flash Player have installed. The latest version can you easily download the Adobe Flash Player page. When in doubt, you should uninstall Flash Player first completely and then reinstall.
  2. For this you can make sure in the global settings of the Flash player, which you can see, among others, on the Adobe page that Third party content approved become: youtube-no-ton3
  3. May block a Firewall or virus protection the Flash content from third parties. So Checks these if their programs have also installed on your computer and possibly change the firewall settings.

If the mentioned tips do not help, turn you, contact the manufacturer of your sound card or your computer, usually you can just support online or contact by phone.


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