iPad connect with TV – Here’s how

You no longer want only on the small screen of the Apple iPads watching movies or playing games, but bring all prefer to the TV? We'll tell you how to connect iPad with TV and the different approaches you can choose your while.

iPad connect with TV - Here's how

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There are several ways to connect an iPad to the TV. These can be used or classically her either other Apple hardware: cables. How this works we tell you below. Will you not connect the iPad but the iPhone to a TV, we help elsewhere on: iPhone connect with television - how it&# 8217; s

Connect iPad with TV: Thanks to the HDMI

The easiest way to connect the iPad to the TV is an HDMI cable. However, the iPad does not have a normal HDMI output. For this, you had to buy an extra Apple dongle, so that the iPad can be connected via the Lightning connector to your TV. Picture and sound are transmitted via the HDMI cable, so you optimize all content on iPad and gets the best quality at the TV.

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iPad Pro presented

44688iPad Pro presented

Connect to Apple TV iPad with TV

Who intends to get the set-top box from Apple into the living room or has are already there, who also has an easy way to connect your iPad to the TV. These can use their Apple's AirPlay technology. iPad and Apple TV can communicate about it and you can music, movies or other content from the iPad via the Apple TV streaming directly to the TV. For that to happen even in the best quality, both devices should be on the same Wi-Fi network. AirPlay works with you not, you probably can find a solution here: AirPlay does not work - so it solves the problem

ipad-pro_apple_tvEven with the Apple TV you can connect the iPad to the TV.

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