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With the screen ruler download you get a ruler of your screen. The tool also includes a magnifying glass with color picker and is ideal for web designers and developers.

After this Download screen ruler and the launch of the tool is its operation by dragging with the left mouse button or alternatively by keyboard shortcuts. The latter are shown to you at the start of the program in a help window. In addition, you standing next to a ruler, a magnifier is available by which you can also pixel precise display the color of the current screen contents in connection with the crosshairs (on the appropriate icon on the window). The current color can then open it as an HTML file in the browser as well as a graphic in the default graphics application or copy it to the clipboard.

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Screen ruler download: settings of the tool

By right-clicking on the ruler you open the context menu of the ruler Downloads screen in which you close look on and can hide. Also, you can turn off the ruler semi-transparent and switching between vertical and horizontal orientations. Furthermore, you can in the options set the unit of measurement for the ruler, where you can select pixels, centimeters, picas and inches. Also, you can call the above mentioned help with keyboard shortcuts via the context menu.

The screen ruler download is portable, which means that you must not install the tool and can run, for example, a USB stick on any computer.

Tip: To make the Magnifier program works correctly even in newer versions of Windows have to disable it for the program desktop appearance. In that regard, right-click on the executable file and activates the appropriate check box under "Compatibility".

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