Halo 5 – Guardians: All successes and achievements – Guidelines and tips for 100%

Once again, the Master Chief must Halo 5: Guardians disengage to protect human colonies from the malicious attacks of the aliens. The exclusive title for the Xbox One keeps doing numerous successes and achievements ready for you, who can unlock in the game. In our review, we show you all success.

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Shortly after the Halo Master Chief Collection *Halo 5 - Guardians: All successes and achievements - Guidelines and tips for 100% now comes from Oct. 27 the latest series part Halo 5: Guardians for the current Konsolengenration the Xbox One to the market. The weapons are loaded in both the single player and in the extensive multiplayer mode. A Overview of all successes and achievements We give you below.

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Halo 5 &# 8211; Guardians: All successes and achievements at a glance

Whole 65 Achievements in the value of 1,000 gamers core points can you get hold of in the course of the game. There are a whopping 100 points for completing each mission on Hard Legendary, which should be correspondingly difficult. In the following table you see a View all achievements with their values ​​and activation conditions.

Halo 5 - Guardians Preview: The Spartan is back

your-team-is-your-weaponYour team is their weapongamer core 10
In &# 8221; Osiris&# 8221; your team Spartans commanded.
her styleher stylegamer core 10
The equipment of your Spartans menu &# 8221; Spartan headquarters&# 8221; edited.
banner-hoistinghoist bannergamer core 10
Your logo in the menu &# 8221; Spartan headquarters&# 8221; edited.
leave an impressionleave an impressiongamer core 10
Your service identifier in the menu &# 8221; Spartan headquarters&# 8221; edited.
game mastergame Mastergamer core 10
Own game created and saved.
bank pushersBenchwarmersgamer core 10
pursues a game as a spectator.
on-the-destructionFor the destructiongamer core 10
3 Matchmaking games mode &War zone; # 8221&# 8221; completed.
time-for-the-serious-protectedTime for the big gunsgamer core 10
requested a REQ for at least 5 energy.
gold-must-be-thereGold must begamer core 10
Golden REQ packet open.
warlordwarlordgamer core 20
won a game on all three original war zone cards.
fortress stürmerfortress strikergamer core 20
5 Matchmaking matches in mode &# 8221; forts&# 8221; completed.
to-run-the-onOff to the racesgamer core 20
5 Matchmaking matches in mode &Outbreak; # 8221&# 8221; completed.
flag dealerflag dealersgamer core 20
5 Matchmaking matches in mode &# 8221; Capture the Flag&# 8221; completed.
decimation-the-spartansDecimation of the Spartansgamer core 20
5 Matchmaking matches in mode &# 8221; showdown&# 8221; completed.
in-the-eavesInto the Firegamer core 10
Mission 1 completed.
argent-moonArgent Moongamer core 10
Mission 2 completed.
totengräbergravediggergamer core 10
Skull found and captured.
flightflightgamer core 10
Mission 6 completed.
reunionreuniongamer core 10
Mission 7 completed.
reclamationreclamationgamer core 10
Mission 13 completed.
neuanfangnew beginninggamer core 10
Mission 14 completed.
legacylegacygamer core 10
Every mission in the game completed to Normal.
rose-of-heroesHeroes' Ascentgamerscore-40
Every mission in the game completed on Heroic.
a legend-formed-upLegend forms itselfgamer core 60
Every mission in the game completed on Legendary.
conspiracy theoryconspiracy theorygamer core 10
Report found and captured.
at-the-top-of-food chainAt the top of the food chaingamerscore-30
A legendary Boss mode &War zone; # 8221&# 8221; switched off.
the-truth-on-the-trackThe truth on the trackgamerscore-40
All reports found and captured.
fire exercisefire drillgamer core 10
Evacuation completed on Heroic within 18:00.
grave masterfulMaster gravegamerscore-40
All skulls found and captured.
the-enemy-my-enemyThe enemy of my enemygamer core 10
The elite in general &# 8221; Osiris&# 8221; helped to Heroic in storming the hill.
I-thought-I-could-they-lostI thought I had lost yougamer core 10
In &Team Blue; # 8221&# 8221; escape the hunters in the laboratory and they fought in the hangar.
on-my-signOn my signgamer core 10
in co-op&Team Blue; # 8221&# 8221; does two elites simultaneously by assassination.
a-witer-offA long waygamer core 10
&Glazed; # 8221&# 8221; completed without going into a vehicle.
shot-from-the-hipShot from the hipgamer core 10
&Glazed; # 8221&# 8221; complete without that players have used the target system.
wait-only-to-youjust waiting for yougamer core 10
In &# 8221; Unconfirmed&# 8221; an opponent off with repaired armor.
rebelrebelgamer core 10
in co-op&# 8221; Unconfirmed&# 8221; off together 30 opponents in a vehicle.
saviorsaviorgamer core 10
In &# 8221; evacuation&# 8221; get on Heroic six miners at the lift alive.
a-beautiful-hikeA beautiful hikegamer core 10
In &# 8221; reunification&# 8221; crosses on Heroic gorge without a Phaeton.
no-witnessno witnessesgamer core 10
In &# 8221; reunification&# 8221; on Heroic Phantom destroyed in the camp of the alliance.
Raid no-knockAttack without waitinggamer core 10
In &# 8221; swords Sang Helios&# 8221; 10 walls or floors destroyed.
mantismantisgamer core 10
Co-op&# 8221; swords Sang Helios&# 8221; completed on Heroic with both Mantis.
healthy-krakenHealthy Krakengamer core 10
&# 8221; Enemy lines&# 8221; completed without destruction of an octopus-gun.
if necessary-boardingEmergency boardinggamer core 10
escape the doomed Kraken by jumping to a switch controlled by a Spartan Phaeton.
death from abovedeath from abovegamer core 10
In &# 8221; Battle of Sunaion&# 8221; off a Grunt with ground pound and destroyed a grid.
worms-Surfing-Worms do not surfgamer core 10
During the &# 8221; Battle of Sunaion&# 8221; two hunters pushed into the ocean.
armor-win-against-allPanzer wins against allgamer core 10
Mission 13 completed on Legendary without losing the Scorpion.
rolling-thunderRolling Thundergamer core 10
Mission 13 controlled four different vehicles simultaneously on Heroic.
harbingerharbingergamer core 10
&# 8221; The disintegration&# 8221; completed on Legendary without the complete destruction of the fire teams.
prison-breakPrison Breakgamer core 10
In &# 8221; The disintegration&# 8221; on Heroic off two guards simultaneously.
icedIcedgamer core 10
In &# 8221; watchman&# 8221; on Heroic attacked with a ground pound an external power core.
double-gemoppeltdouble gemoppeltgamer core 10
In &# 8221; watchman&# 8221; on Heroic two cores simultaneously destroyed.
Every mission in the game on Legendary alone completed.
one for allOne for allgamer core 10
completed a co-op mission on Heroic.
all for oneAll for onegamerscore-40
Each co-op mission on Heroic.
civil warcivil wargamer core 10
Mission 12 completed.
my rulesMy rulesgamer core 20
completed a mission on Heroic with at least three skulls activated.
recognized-heroismrecognized heroismgamer core 20
qualify for a competitive skill rank.
glass grazeglass pasturesgamer core 10
Mission 3 completed.
roots-the-earthRoots of Earthgamer core 10
Mission 4 concluded.
stolen gloveStolen glovegamer core 10
Mission 5 completed.
swordsSwordsgamer core 10
Mission 8 completed.
old-boneold bonesgamer core 10
Mission 9 completed.
breakthroughbreakthroughgamer core 10
Mission 10 completed.
caught-in-the-stormCaught in the stormgamer core 10
Mission 11 completed.
GuardianGuardiangamer core 10
Mission 15 completed.

Halo 5 - Guardians: All editions of the shooter at a glance

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