Samsung Galaxy S8: price decline in comparison – it is worth buying?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has suffered a decent price decline since its launch in late April and is now at a considerably lower price. We took a look at the price history and the current best rate for you:

Samsung Galaxy S8: price decline in comparison - it is worth buying?

Fall in prices of the Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung smartphones lose shortly after the launch properly in value. This we have already experienced with the predecessors and it is also the Galaxy S8, the current flagship model of the South Koreans. Even before the release we reported on a forecast based on the price development of the predecessor, according to which the price is to be reduced within two months after the launch by about 23 percent to less than 600 euros. This prediction came true in recent weeks, as the price comparison shows:

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After a few months we are chipping at the 600-euro mark - even for established retailers like Amazon.

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Here, the Galaxy S8 has cost 799 euros proud to launch. With such a significant decline in prices, Samsung was among the many innovations introduced in particular as to the design, can hardly be expected to.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 is becoming more attractive with its price falls

Who is not in a hurry, you could save even more in the coming weeks and months. The dealers will make the prices of the Galaxy S8 probably fall further to find more buyers. Especially since the price of the iPhone 8 is also already fallen, causing prices of the Galaxy S8 could be affected downwards. After all, Samsung would strongly up against Apple and generate as many sales before the new iPhone X gets all the attention. In our test, the Galaxy S8 smartphone incidentally cut outstanding.

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240760Samsung Galaxy S 8: The test

Samsung Galaxy S7 still a good alternative?

As one can rightly ask whether the purchase of its predecessor Galaxy S7 still worthwhile, whose price has now fallen very sharply the question:

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The difference in price is now below 200 euros - the Galaxy and Galaxy S7 S7 edge are increasingly sold in exciting deals at extremely reasonable prices. Who wants to miss anything, follows the GIGA deals.

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We will continue to monitor the price decline of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and hold new "milestones". 600 euros and less are now almost standard. In the near future the price could scratch the magic 500-euro mark.

(November 2017)

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