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The KeyScrambler Download encrypts all keystrokes and so prevents data thieves get hold of personal information by keyloggers.

Nowadays you have to be careful when dealing with sensitive data. Very critical operations are protected in the network passwords, online banking is probably the most obvious example. Who can spy on other people's passwords, so that can cause great damage. One way to reach these passwords and other sensitive data, is a virus that records all keystrokes as keyloggers. With the KeyScrambler download you protect yourself against precisely this method and applies data spies the craft.

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Keylogger work that she read the keystrokes, store and send the information to the creators of the virus through the network. The KeyScrambler Download encrypts all inputs before a keylogger can read them, because the tool is already installed on the keyboard driver level. The entries are decrypted only for the application that has called for entries. As a user you get after successful installation during operation with nothing, KeyScrambler automatically does its job in the background.

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