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Bethesda is a Remaster The Elder Scrolls V on Monday: announce Skyrim? If it goes to a British dealer, then already. This even called already a release date for the game.

72530The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dragonborn Trailer

There once was a time when I was an avid video gamers, like her, but then unfortunately I got an arrow in the knee. If you know this modified quote and know what is behind the words Fus, Ro Dah, then you have 2011 - or after the years - the most popular open-world role-playing game The Elder Scrolls V: played Skyrim, one of perhaps best and most successful games of the decade. The problem is, as with many "older" games, that it no longer looks quite as great today as we felt then. could help because certainly a remaster, as it already haunts since yesterday as a rumor by the vastness of the Internet, which are even bigger than Skyrim.

With and without in Skyrim - with mods for visual perfection

Thus Bethesda is to announce at E3 press conference on Monday morning to remaster Skyrim, which is to include not only graphic revisions all DLCs and mod support. Rumors that now receive new feed after listing two years ago, because the British video game retailer recorded the Skyrim remaster in your own product catalog. In addition to an unconfirmed price of just 53 euros a release date is mentioned there. Accordingly, the revised version of the excellent game to appear already on 23 November 2016th The name of the game is to The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim &# 8211; The Definitive Edition loud. However, an official confirmation is still pending.

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but this could be done in a few days. Bethesda's press conference on Monday at 4 pm in the morning. In addition to a Skyrim-Remaster could there also Prey 2, Wolfenstein The New Order will be revealed 2 and The Evil Within. 2

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