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"This message is destroyed in a few seconds itself." Made famous in spy movies like Mission Impossible principle applies with Snapchat now also feed on your iOS and Android devices. With Snapchat photos you can send to friends. In contrast to the normal shipping these images are visible only a few seconds and then destroy themselves, or be automatically canceled. Actually...

Because with some know-how you can the principle of Snapchat outwit and save the photos to or already stored again found on your Android device. The principle of self-destructing photos Snapchat has earned the reputation of a sexting app.

Embarrassing or funny photos with Snapchat ship (iOS and Android)

With Snapchat her funny, witty, strange or embarrassing pictures you can take, possibly equipped with a small text and then on smartphones, or send your friends Android tablets. Unlike other instant messaging apps such as Whatsapp the pictures are deleted after a preset time (from three to ten seconds) again. The photos can be provided with fun filters. Of images in which a friend has turned around in a funny dog, cell phone users today come over any more. In addition to photos you can send beyond 15 sek√ľndige videos and create stories for your friends and followers. Friends can be found by name or via the so-called Snapcodes.

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Self-destructing photos to Snapchat? Not quite!

So you can send the short-lived images, your opposite must also have installed on your Android smartphone or iPhone app. For a potential description text remains very little space. More than one set is not in it. In addition, you should make sure that your Snapchat username does not fall into the wrong hands. Again and again use perverts the app to send naked facts on smartphones and tablets unsuspecting users.

Snapchat can be used free of charge after registration.

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  • (Figure 3.2):Snapchat for Android Screenshot 2 - Sent snapshots delete yourself again
  • (Figure 3.3):Snapchat for Android Screenshot 1 - To send pictures via Snapchat, your opposite needs the app also

Though Snapchat advertises that images are deleted after a short time, you can but this round. So it is easily possible to take a screenshot of the currently displayed image. Although the photo station will be informed, but at very embarrassing facts is too late. In addition, the images are temporarily stored on the Android device. With knowledge of the folder structure can then be quickly brought to light again revealing photos or videos. so watch when using Snapchat on whom you send what content to avoid a rude awakening.

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