Skype Premium: New premium features in the subscription model

Who phoned a lot about Skype and it also uses for work purposes for which may be worth a change to a paid plan. Skype premium has been set, but there are alternatives. We show how it gets more out of Skype and what costs are involved.

Skype Premium: New premium features in the subscription model

Skype Premium was Skype Premium subscription

The essential features of Skype, such as video and audio telephony, conference calls and multi chats and have always been free. Anyone who has previously used Skype Premium and pay a monthly fee, but could be activate other functions. The service was discontinued some time ago. Because Skype has switched to subscription system.

but the premium features are still available as a subscription. The benefits at a glance:

  • Calls from mobile phones in 52 countries and fixed telephony in 80 countries Group video calling
  • Groups screen broadcasts
  • Live chat customer support
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Skype enable premium subscription &# 8211; Step by step

To complete a paid Skype subscription, log you a through the browser with your Skype login information in your account. Click on "Rates" in the top menu bar. Give in the search field, the country to which you will call the most. Your leads to an overview of possible subscription packages. "Next" information related to the tariff displayed by clicking. Follow the instructions of the subscription wizard. The term of the subscription is always 1 or 12 months.

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Free alternatives to Skype

Who is unhappy with the features of Skype or the quality of transmission, can look for alternative providers. Depending on use preferences, there are several possibilities:

  • Viber: for people who use the Internet telephony intensive. More information about the application is available in our article "Viber for PC &# 8211; that's how it's done".
  • Google Hangouts: ideal for group chats in text form and group video chats, even if the switch from Skype will initially require some training
  • ICQ: Who has nothing against advertising messages, can also use ICQ. The program is almost forgotten, used to be more playful and a meeting place for teens, now the surface is cleaned up and you can not only text but also video chats. ICQ works &# 8211; unlike Skype &# 8211; without installation directly from the browser and is also available in a mobile version
  • Yahoo Messenger: Very similar to ICQ Yahoo Messenger is something those who often work on other people's computers and use a browser version want. Disadvantage: Again, you have to live with quite prominently placed advertising.

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