enlarge images loss: Find it with freeware and Photoshop

Enlarged pictures are always a bit tricky, because the computer must indeed from the existing pixels higher resolution calculate &# 8211; it can cause blurring and Pixel depending on the method and program. We introduce how to magnify images loss, with free software and advanced Photoshop.

enlarge images loss: Find it with freeware and Photoshop

Many people know that yes, it is easier to reduce an image as shut it bigger. After all, no new pixels are added in the image in the reduction. but we want to enlarge the image so it can verpixeln strong. In addition, it is not as detailed and is unfortunately out of focus. Here, then a recalculation of the pixels takes place. The contract awarded algorithm simply averages the colors of neighboring pixels and has the the new pixels in soft tonal gradations from. To loss as possible enlarge an image, Photoshop offers a few methods that are not too heavy.

If you only need a quick fix, this can already perform with the built-in Windows Paint or with the freeware Gimp.

Tip: Photoshop: Zoom out.

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large photos: Find it with freeware

Magnification in Paint

Of course, we have the opportunity to have with the Windows standard tools Paint a picture to enlarge. To start the program you give &# 8220; paint&# 8221; in the search in the Start menu, or open your file by right-clicking and &Open with; # 8220&# 8230;&# 8221; -> Paint. The program then you click at the top left &# 8220; Resize&# 8221 ;. After a small window has opened, you can now choose between percent and pixels. It is advisable to stay with the percents. In Paint, there are, depending on how large the image is to be at the end, a loss of quality. That should be obvious to everyone.

loss magnify images: How to's mit Freeware und mit PhotoshopGIGA PHOTO

Magnification in GIMP

GIMP is still a great free alternative to Photoshop, and of course there is the possibility to enlarge an image. This is very simple in itself: you only have the top menu &Picture -; # 8220> scale image&# 8221; call and you're ready to set your desired size. In GIMP, the interpolation should be at Kubisch, if you want to enlarge your image.

loss magnify images: How to's mit Freeware und mit PhotoshopGIGA PHOTO

On the next page, there are three magnification techniques with Photoshop!

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