Pony Puffin from “The Cave Lion”: push-up for your plait

Pony Puffin belongs in every handbag of a woman - so it at least want the founders. No less than the revolution of the ponies is shown in "The Cave Lion." We'll tell you what it is doing and where you already can buy Pony Puffin.

Pony Puffin from

Pony Puffin in "The Cave Lion": What is it?

Updated on 10.10.2017, 21:39: Judith Williams makes the deal with Pony Puffin. For 65,000 euros it receives 49% percent of the company.

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Pony Puffin is to solve a problem that occurs in women with very thin hair. Would you wear a ponytail, then it falls not so bulky and thick as one might wish. Just as Pony Puffin comes into play, because the small, specially shaped hairpiece made of plastic should work wonders in combination with a hair tie. It binds Pony Puffin easily into the hair and preserves significantly more volume - at least that is promised. Some examples:

Pony Puffin before-and-after picturesWith and without bangs Puffin in her hair (Image: ponypuffin.com)

For most buyers that seems to work well when the reviews on Amazon you look at *. There Pony Puffin can be had for under 15 euros. Currently the accessory is sold.

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Pony Puffin in "The Cave Lion": money, interests and opportunities

The cave lionPony Puffin in "The Cave of the Lions" (Photo: MG RTL D / Bernd-Michael Maurer)

Judith Williams tried Pony Puffin as the only Lion in the show right out. Interest in the product seems to be so available from their side. The deal does not sound bad. For 65,000 euros the founders would like to make a proud 49 percent of the company. A search is primarily a strategic partner who can help the product to break through. A typical Ralf-Dümmel article? Conveniently enough Pony Puffin would certainly be to place it anywhere in the retail sector. On October 10, 2017 at 20:15, the new episode will be aired on Vox and then we find out whether Pony Puffin convinced. Would you strike?


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