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In Hell Blade: Senua&# 8217; s Sacrifice developers Ninja Theory try psychosis in a video game display and for that make use of an unreal trip in Norse mythology. In the role of warrior Senua you try to save the soul of her lover in Helheim and got, besides, also equal to the trophies and achievements of the action adventure one.

The game poster Hellblade: Senua&# 039; s buy Sacrifice!*

The game scope of Hellblade: Senua&# 8217; s Sacrifice has its limits and the game is not a full price title, but will be published for just 30 euros exclusively digital for PC and PS4. Nevertheless Hellblade comes along with a platinum trophy, which you can relatively easily earn. Our guide to all Achievements tells you more.

Trophies and achievements at a glance

Overall, you can in Hell Blade: Senua&# 8217; s Sacrifice 14 successes and 15 trophies trip (1x platinum, gold 9x, 5x silver). For all achievements is hidden and secret achievements. Shall ye so do not spoil, you should only after the first innings a look at the list of Achievements throw.

bright blade-Hassenuah-sacrifice-trophies-screenshotFor defeating the bosses you get a lot of trophies.

To unlock the platinum trophy, not much effort is needed because up to a success, it switches automatically all the trophies in the game free. Only the hidden Lorestones you have to look out for in the game and activate all, otherwise you can easily miss. Once Hellblade appears, we will help you with an appropriate guide in the search.

symbolsuccess trophy 
Collect all other trophies.
the-fight-beginsThe Fight Beginsgold-final
Reached the gate for the first time.
Defeat Surt.
master-of-illusionMaster of Illusiongold-final
Defeat Valravn.
source-of-the-darknessSource of the Darknessgold-final
Hela meet for the first time on the bridge.
trust-your-sensesTrust Your Sensessilver-final
Completed the challenge &# 8220; Blindness shard&# 8221 ;.
different-perspectivesdifferent Perspectivessilver-final
Completed the challenge &# 8220; Tower Shard&# 8221 ;.
cure-for-the-plagueCure For the Plaguesilver-final
Completed the challenge &# 8220; Swamp shard&# 8221 ;.
Completed the challenge &# 8220; maze shard&# 8221 ;.
gramr-releasedGramr Releasedgold-final
Draws Gramr from the tree.
Escape the sea of ​​corpses.
into-the-mountainInto the Mountaingold-final
Step into Helheim.
tamed-the-beastTamed the Beastgold-final
Defeat Fenrir.
the-final-battleThe Final Battlegold-final
Faced Hela.
stories-from-the-northStories From the Northgold-final
Enables all Lorestones.
23929Hellblade - Senua's Sacrifice: Locations of all Lorestones

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