Borderlands 2 Poll: Which class do you play?

Critical Kills are an art in itself and Zero is Rembrandt. The mysterious assassin from Gearbox "Borderlands 2" is just plain badass. When I left last week after Pandora, the character choice was therefore made quickly. with which I am obviously not a decision alone. Also in the GIGA editorial Zero was the first choice. Well, I thought we GIGA just have taste. But after several online sessions I just have to allow me the question: Who actually plays NOT Zero?

Borderlands 2 Poll: Which class do you play?

I play "Borderlands 2" currently on the PS3. At the start I was looking for my co-luck still in matchmaking. Unfortunately, a headache seems to have understood ready end number of players that you can not provide his game to the public, only to do only once in peace big business or to walk the dog.

Borderlands 2 Poll: Which class do you play?

So rather host itself. I played henceforth publicly. What followed was the Zero invasion. Ten acceding players stuck on average at least eight in the skin of cool assassin. That one of "Borderlands 2" out shoots a little more fun when the classes spread evenly on the team, goes without saying. A team that consists only of Zeros &# 8211; in my case not unusual &# 8211; that's somehow not the real thing. Even his sayings begin to consume.

Since Gearbox (to my knowledge) has released poker players no statistics on the preferences of "Borderlands 2", I run here just once even a representative survey and ask:

What class do you play?


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