Excel: Insert button and create macro – Here’s how

Who needs to perform the same operations in Excel often can speed up the process by using macros. By button click deposited processes may be performed automatically. How to create a simple macro and deposited on a button? Here is the step-by-step instructions for Excel.

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create macro

  1. Provides First, make sure the developers options appear in your menu bar as a rider. this is not the case, does this fit adjust → File → Options ribbon. Sets the right window the check in the "Developer". Save by clicking OK.
  2. Fills the fields of the contents later automated continue to be used for.
  3. Then click on the tab developer tools.
  4. Selects the left menu strip "Record Macro".

    quot By clicking on &; Record Macro & quot; all further steps are taken.By clicking &# 8220; Record Macro&# 8221; all further steps are taken.

  5. Chooses a name for the macro and confirmed with OK. From now on, will be recorded and later performed automates all the steps that you perform.
  6. Take the necessary steps forward, such as content copying, pasting elsewhere in the Excel sheet and empty box.
  7. Click Stop Recording.
  8. To retrieve the macro click the Macro box on the left side of the ribbon.
  9. It opens a window.
  10. There is a list, which also includes the newly saved macro can be found appears.
  11. If the input fields are filled again and you now click on "Run", the content is there as just performed moved to the table.

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Create Excel Button

  1. To simplify the retrieval process just described, you can create an Excel button on which the macro is stored, for example, right next to the input fields.
  2. This, first create any shape using Insert → forms. It lends itself to a rectangle. In the middle of a name can be added, such as "start" or more macros a short name for the feature.
  3. By right-clicking on the form, the context menu. Select "Assign Macro".
  4. A new window is opening up. Selects from the list the macro that want to store it.
The macro function can be accessed via a button.The macro function can be accessed via a button.


To create a macro itself is relatively simple. It is crucial that you, executing the sequence of steps to be stored without error when creating the macro. A fairly small hurdle. Especially for large tables where regular individual values ​​will be added at various points, the macro function is a real workload and the few minutes of creating are good spent.

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