Setting AccuWeather widget – on mobile phone, Smart Watch & amp; website

The weather service AccuWeather shows us the weather not only on its website but also offers apps for Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile. The accompanying AccuWeather widget gets her also for your own homepage.

We explain you how to set up the AccuWeather widget in your mobile phone and where you get the appropriate code to display the current weather on your own website. You get the mobile apps for AccuWeather for iPhone, Windows 8 and Windows 10 as well as a free and a "Platinum" version for Android. On the download page you can find the appropriate links. There, you also learn more about the applications for tablets, smart TVs and AccuWeather widgets for your desktop.

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What do the AccuWeather widget?

The appearance and functions of the AccuWeather widget depend on the place of its use. Should read: On Android, the app may have more than, say, on the iPhone. There is only a weather summary in the notification screen. On an Android phone, there are different widgets that you can put it anywhere on your device - on request even more, with different varieties and designs.

accuweather-widget-androidThe AccuWeather widget on an Android phone

There is also the opportunity to get an HTML code on the website of AccuWeather, which you can insert into your own homepage. There are different options, such as displaying the current weather or a 36-hour preview. In the case but you must be able to insert itself HTML code into your page.

And then there's the AccuWeather widget that when SmartWatch Samsung Gear S3 is already included. It is also adjustable to multiple sites and interacts with different watch faces, so that you get presents next to the time the weather.

The Samsung Gear S3 can do much more than display only the time and the weather. Information and the best prices can be found here:

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set up the AccuWeather widget

As explained in the introduction, there are many different AccuWeather widget. With Samsung's Smart Watch it belongs to the basic equipment. At first use, you will be prompted for a location for the app to display the weather. Other places you can define it in the Samsung Gear app on your mobile phone. Unfortunately, AccuWeather does not know there a lot of places. And unfortunately that also applies to the AccuWeather website widget and mobile apps.

accuweather widget codeThe AccuWeather widget for the website is free

The homepage widget comes in different sizes and designs. You can a small version with the current weather Show - but this is most likely pay off for hotel websites at ease, because the citizens can look out the window and a visitor of your online shops it does not matter what kind of weather you have. Rewarding is that perhaps the 36-hour weather display or preview with link to detailed weather display on the homepage of AccuWeather.


Most preferably, the AccuWeather widget to the Android app is still here. It offers you three different widgets in different sizes and designs. You can change when setting up the basic settings of the design and specify a location or leave looking for. However Again the weakness that AccuWeather has a strong need for improvement in terms of locations. Also the location with GPS ultimately accesses the same database and therefore is often several villages next to it.

The device itself is done as usual with Android: Your typing on a blank area of ​​your screen and hold down your finger. After a few moments, the view and you can from a seemingly down menu changes select the "widget". There you tap on the AccuWeather widget and searches for the desired design from you. Then it determines the position of the widget and then the location - that's it!


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