Vodafone: termination due to relocation? These rights do you have

You have a DSL Vodafone contract and you want to move your switch to a new provider? The conditions under which this is possible, we will tell you in this article.

Vodafone: termination due to relocation? These rights do you have

Vodafone: Moving and special termination

vodafone logoThere is little chance of a move to cancel the Vodafone contract before the minimum term. In one case it works: If DSL is not available at your new home, you have a period of three months, a special termination.

but normally this is not true. Then your DSL contract continues the new place as normal. Do you want to switch to a new provider, then you have to wait and terminate three months before expiry of the minimum term the minimum term.

We have you created a Vodafone Cancellation form, which you can use for your written notice free.

Observed: The Connection activation at the new residence the minimum contract term of 24 months starts again. Do you want to "prevent" this, you have a one-time fee of 59.95 euros.

You want to stay with Vodafone under any circumstances after the move? One possibility, there are: If your contract is taken over by someone else. Did you used to rent that could take over as the new tenant.

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Contact and Problem Solving

You have other questions about your Vodafone contract and the impact of your move? Then you can contact the Vodafone customer service, which you can reach by phone, email or chat.

If you are dissatisfied with your Vodafone contract, because it often leads to disturbances, look at our article disturbance at Vodafone, where we show you solutions to failures in LTE, Internet and power failure.

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