Amazon Echo: Perform update and get new firmware

The Amazon Echo speaker is regularly supplied with updates that add new features and functions for smart assistant Alexa. We explain how it works and what you need to be aware, when you perform with Amazon Echo an update.

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Amazon Echo was taken to Germany for the first time in late October 2016 the market, though it was initially by invitation only, to get the speaker. Meanwhile, Amazon Echo is, however, also available on the open market &# 8211; and since the original release, the functions and skills of Alexa have been enhanced by numerous updates. Among other things now as possible to change the name and the activation word. But as the device updates actually work? And you can update manually Amazon Echo? Here you learn it!

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Perform update with new firmware: Amazon Echo

Your Amazon Echo Speaker receives the device updates over the wireless network to which it is permanently connected. the updates are automatic and are imported from the Amazon servers. You can check the most current software version of your speaker in the Alexa-app:

  1. Open the app and navigate to the left of the settings.
  2. Then choose your echo from speakers and scroll down to the menu item Device Software version.
  3. Tapping once to display the version number.
Amazon Echo 6498Both echo and echo Dot are automatically supplied with updates.

To perform the update, you must first ensure that the echo speaker is turned on and has an active Wi-Fi connection &# 8211; but that should be the rule anyway. You realize that your device is ready for an update when the Light ring Amazon Echo turns blue. Now the update is recorded &# 8211; depending on the speed of your wireless connection, this could take up to 15 minutes. During the update, you should not give voice commands to Alexa.

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Amazon Echo: Force Update / perform manually &# 8211; Is that possible?

As mentioned, the updates for the Echo speakers are automatically imported from the Amazon servers &# 8211; Therefore, it is also not possible to force the update or manually perform. If, after testimonials from users on the Internet, for example, runs out of unofficial Amazon Echo Forum, the updates will be gradually rolled out. That is, even if other users have already received the update, you may have yourself a few hours (or even days) to wait until one's turn.

  • If you receive an update for Amazon echo even after a long time, you should first make sure that the Internet connection is working properly.
  • Possibly it can also help to launch the speaker again. Away to the power cord and plugged it after a short wait again.
  • If the echo speaker is defective, you should contact you to the Amazon customer service.

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An overview of the latest updates can be found on the documentation page from Amazon *Amazon Echo: Perform update and get new firmware. Generally, these are mostly minor new features, such as the activation word mentioned &Computer; # 8220&# 8221 ;, which is a reference to Star Trek.

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