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In World of Warcraft's future expansion Legion Demon Hunter is a brand new hero class, to which many fans of Blizzard's online role-playing forward for long. We tell you what roles can adopt the new class and how it plays out.

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Since the strategy game Warcraft 3 Demon Hunter Illidan is one of the coolest and most popular characters in the Warcraft world. Therefore, the treacherous Demon Hunter also occurred in the add-on Burning Crusade and even in blizzards Moba Heroes of the Storm Illidan is a very powerful assassin. And even in online card game Hearthstone he is! Therefore, it is only logical that Illidan and his colleagues will appear again at some point in World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft: Legion - Demon Hunter Guide - The Basics

The demon hunter in Legion are all student Illidan, called Illidari. They have learned their art of Illidan, and a powerful demon was tied into her and burned her eyesight in favor of spirits sight. But unfortunately they also share the fate of their master and be locked up for years until the orc warlock Gul'dan Illidan and his troops liberated.

wow-dämonenjäger01Illidan Stormrage is the master of demon hunters.

Freshly escaped from prison, your demon hunters are agile melee in leather armor, fighting with two melee weapons. Including the new warglaives from which they also receive their artifact weapons. Furthermore demon hunter can act as a damage dealer or tank and use it for their skills Fury, which corresponds approximately to the anger resource of the warrior. They can also be transformed into demons by metamorphosis. However, the following skills are available to all Demon Hunters open:

Skills of the demon hunter

Fel RushImmediatelyNoDashing forward, causing fire damage. Get 40 furore when you meet.
chaos StrikeImmediately40 FuryStrong melee attack that hits everything in front of you.
chaos NovaInstant, 60 second cooldown30 FurySplash damage and stun opponents.
Eye BeamPipeline, 12 second cooldown25 FuryWounds the target, damaging all enemies in its radius.
Spectral SightImmediately, 120 second cooldownNoYou can see through walls and obstacles.
Vengeful RetreatImmediately, 24 seconds CooldownNoLeaps back and so escapes the next attack or spell.

Tank or damage dealer? The Rachsucht- and Havoc specializations

The tank version of the demon hunter follows the path of revenge and turns through metamorphosis into an impressive demon that is somewhat reminiscent of the beefy Diablo from the same game from Blizzard. As a thick Dämonenmops you have not a shield as a warrior tank, but uses auras and other buffs to your group and to strengthen yourself.

wow-dämonenjäger05The spiky-Rachsuchts Demon Hunter is the tank variant of the class.

The Havoc variant of the demon hunter, however, is more like the great idol Illidan: An athletic-slim demon with powerful wings on his back. Thus the demon hunter can fly quickly across the battlefield and so always strike where it can do the most damage.

For tattooed pointed ears!

Ye already like Bolle is looking forward to finally build an orc or tauren Demon Hunter? Then we now have a very bad news for you! Because only elves can be demon hunters. So if you play the Horde, there must be an elf and be a Blood Elf at Allianz.

wow-dämonenjäger04are demon hunter&# 8217; s only for elves!

Other nations, according to the story impossible because Illidan has trained your Demon Hunter long ago and at that time certainly chosen anyone outside of his people. Furthermore, you bear no ordinary armor as demon hunters, but pimped your magical tattoos on. Since the demon hunter way, is a hero class, he will &# 8211; like the death knight &# 8211; start at a higher level and do not pull as initial Noob by the botany.

All about the Class Order in Legion

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