The Phantom Pain – MGS 5: achieve S rank – so it includes all missions perfectly

Big Boss is not with half measures happy and is considered to be the perfect soldier. Do you want to do him justice, can you try each of the 50 main missions in MGS 5: The Phantom Pain complete with the S ranking. To get this highest ranking after mission completion, have to prove their skill and speed. We tell you how you can achieve in each mission Rank S.


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Already in MGS 5: Ground Zeroes and MGS: Peace Walker your emissions were provided to each end with a rating. In MGS 5: The Phantom Pain can only reach her main missions ranks and shine with your deeds. As you in every main mission one achieve S rank can we tell you below.

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MGS 5 &# 8211; The Phantom Pain: S rank achieved in each mission

To enter the main missions a shot at the S rank to have, you should always consider the following two things:

  1. does not try to reach the S-rank on your first playthrough. Learns the mission once know. In addition, you get in the game better equipment with which it is a lot easier to achieve the highest score. You can repeat as many times as each mission.
  2. Skips any scenes because these count for mission time, has great influence on the final score. Especially in Metal Gear games, the cut scenes shores already made once, so you should then skipping when you have the chance.

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After each mission you see in Results screen as you have beaten you. Here, above all, a quick time and undiscovered approach crucial for the S ranking.

METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN_20150831205641As a result, the screen you see all decisive factors.

Tips and strategies for achieving the S-rank

  • The magic number to reach the S rank in every mission is a score of 130,000 points.
  • Only main missions are affected by the rank system. For addition operations you will not get final evaluation.
  • Overall, there are 50 main missions. However, the Emissions 02, 22 and 43 Exceptions where you can not reach a rank.
  • The basic tactic is to complete each mission as quickly as possible without being detected. For these factors has the most points at closing.
  • Optional mission objectives take too much time and keep you only.
  • Some equipment prevent the S-Rank in use. With them you can reach a maximum of rank A. This includes: Stealth Suit, Parasite-Suit, Chicken Hat, bandana, D-Walker Fulton Extraction. Also the Use of air strikes and support helicopters verhinder the S-Rank.
  • Uses your first innings of the missions to order enemy radar stations destroy (about C4). This gives you a time advantage in later experiments, since you now land directly in the mission area and can start again. Time-consuming routes remain so saves you.
  • S-ranks reward you with additional more money (GMP) and more heroism.
Has pays attention to cheat items like the chicken, which prevents the S ranking.

An inconstant variable in attempts to reach the S rank, is the enemy behavior. In MGS 5: The Phantom Pain the enemies of your playing style to adapt. Spread their many head shots, to get soldiers helmets. Is she preferred to night operations, the opponents arm themselves sooner or later, with night vision devices. And with gas masks they know to ward off nasty grenades.

Achievement &# 8220; Elite&# 8221;

Do you have all main missions with Rank S completed their turns the success elite free.

complete all missions with rank "S".

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