Diablo II

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At mention of Diablo II RPG and Action fans will get a nostalgic thrill: The predecessor already caused a million-fold downs in the low dens and has risen to become one of the most popular titles of the games history. From the isometric perspective playing through four dangerous acts on the hunt for the resurrected evil. Fallen archangel, undead, demons and many other opponents imagine you doing in the way and must be turned off with magic and brute force. The successor can thereby determine graphically again with a vengeance.


Diablo II: The Characters

In Diablo 2 slips it back into the skin of a brave hero. Selection can be made between different classes, like the barbarian, the witch, the Paladin, the Amazon, the necromancer and since enlargement Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction addition, the assassin or the shape-shifting druid.

diablo 2 charactersSelects one of seven mighty warriors and defeated the breeding Diablos

Each character class has its special characteristics, has powerful powers that can summon companion for battle or distinguished in melee, especially from. So, it pays to play through this game much more often than once: Depending on the class, the gaming experience is significantly different.

Diablo II: The Plot

The world of Diablo 2 is haunted by the horrors rulers Mephisto and Baal, brothers of the questions in Diablo devil himself. But some bugs found their way into the world of Diablo 2, but you could get rid of 2 Patch again with a Diablo.

In good hack-and-Slay tradition clicking into four (or five) File of Old Tristram, deserts, jungles, heaven and hell itself and remains the bad monsters always on the track.

Diablo 2: The Birth of a Legend

But the sinister scenery of the catacombs has been captured with great attention to detail. Fits to a one soundtrack is delivered, unparalleled in PC games area. Anyone already familiar with this genre as Sacred, where the entry into Diablo II will certainly fall very easily, thanks to the excellent controllability of the title.

Diablo 2 screenshotDiablo 2 spares no blood

Who does not know Diablo, has the second installment in the RPG classic finally have the opportunity to make up for this. Face popping graphics and variety of game design, you should also do absolutely Diablo is one of the greatest masterpieces of its genre, as his successor Diablo 3rd

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