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The bus simulator 2008 provides you an entrepreneur of an urban transport company and sit behind the wheel of different buses. Learn the typical life of a bus driver firsthand.

Bus Simulator 2008

First bus simulator series of astragon, the 2008 version is already on a high bar in the simulation genre.

Here you are in the simulation eight faithful bus models available that can use their on the 18 different routes. The more than 30 challenges (line trips, day trips, special trips) must be mastered to a wide variety of day. Different weather conditions, including ice, snow, rain and fog, thereby requiring special skill when driving.

Bus Simulator 2008Bus Simulator 2008: Next stop &# 8211; Town Hall Square!

In addition, you offset the Bus Simulator 2008 is not very realistic in the role of the bus driver. You must also take care of you as a manager of a bus company to new buses and their maintenance. Even advertising campaigns and promotions must be planned by you, with the aim to attract more passengers. Only this way will your bus company is in fact successful.

Bus Simulator 2008 Demo

In the free playable demo you can unlock a bus model and another route.

Bus Simulator 2008 Mods

The support of the mods for Bus Simulator 2008 has been set. Additionally painless to find what works extensions to be extremely difficult. astragon had provided for the time being free bonus packages for download, but even these can no longer find mittlweile.


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  • Bus Simulator 2008 play - GIGA GIGA Failplay - Bus Simulator 2008


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