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Sound Control offers an optimal music management for each of DJ, including convenient search function and comprehensive statistics modules.

Anyone armed with audio CDs and a CD player could ever care about the music on major events, know that this fast is an inglorious task in a demanding audience. With the freeware program sound Control eliminates the annoying changes after each desired item. The range of functions and options are virtually unlimited. You can create catalogs, search within seconds dozens of MP3 CDs, filter, sort, you can compare entire MP3 collections together&# 8230; Requests are promptly served.

Sound Control Freeware

The guest DJ: With the Sound Control the jukebox comes as addon. The Jukebox is a front-end user interface for the guests. Here guests can look very nice, ran what song is currently playing and what will come next. In the current version include comprehensive statistics on the music library and card slots for a faster track access integrated.

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