Thunderbird: Change language

Will send her e-mails and manage the client Thunderbird such identification. If the screen language has been or have installed in a wrong language you program, you can quickly and easily change the language in Thunderbird.

Thunderbird: Change language

So you can change to Thunderbird and for the display language. change as from English to German.

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In Thunderbird change the language: how it works


  1. In the basic settings to change the language is not possible.
  2. Therefore installed the add-on "Quick Locale Switcher".
  3. Click this top-right of the three bars and selects the entry for the "Add-ons".
  4. In the add-on manager you're looking for the "Quick Locale Switcher".
  5. Installs the application and launches new Thunderbird.
  6. Controls again to the add-on management and selects there the entry for the "Quick Locale Switcher".
  7. Opens the settings for the voice extension and controls the "General tab.
  8. In the section "For the user interface (general.useragent.locale)" sets its a catch.
  9. Confirmed the entry with "OK".
  10. After restarting, you can press on the flag in the bottom right corner.
  11. It opens a choice about which you can set the new language for Thunderbird.
  12. Alternatively, you can the language in Thunderbird in the section change "Extras".
  13. If there is no language, you can also download them later and set up.
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Thunderbird: Change language

Change language in Thunderbird: Manual

To choose from so enjoy especially the language of German, Italian, Polish, English, Russian and French in Thunderbird. Do you want to take back the setting back, "Ctrl" + "Shift" + "Q" suppressed in an open Thunderbird window.

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