trace an IP: Where does the guy?

Each of us is in the Internet at some point in the situation that he wants to trace an IP to figure out how an anonymous surfer comes. Forums Trolls consider themselves well hidden &# 8211; but they are not!

trace an IP: Where does the guy?

Who wants to trace an IP, this IP must of course have only once. In emails she is in most cases in the data header of the mail. In forums or guest books it is sometimes wrong. If not, a site owner can look into its log files. But if you have an IP then you can find out a lot about their owners.

IP trace with available materials

Windows itself has some command line programs for networking purposes. So you can trace an IP &# 8211; at least once on their way. The procedure to trace an IP gradually over its entire path is called Traceroute. the track that leaves the owner of the IP, thereby to obtain the first information follow.

With Traceroute, you can trace the path of an IPWith Traceroute, you can trace the path of an IP

To access the program, we first start a command line window. For this we go Run from the Start menu on the menu item and enter the command word cmd on. This will open a black window, as shown above opens. Here we have a command line, which can pass our command confused. The command is tracert &# 8211; followed by the desired IP. so about

tracert 188155174102

As can be seen in the picture, we can trace in this case, at least ever get the IP to Switzerland.

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IP traced back to the place of residence

Many IPs traceroute tool is not very helpful. It lists forward to a bunch of IPs, but which we can not do much. And basically we want but to trace the IP to know more or less exactly where a criminal lives. In such a case, a Geo-IP tool worth. Usually these are websites that are using a so-called GEO-IP database with which they trace an IP to the port. Of course, it follows none of the current IP. Rather, this database contains to most of the world's available addresses associated with different location.

trace an IP: Geographically until Livestrace an IP: Geographically until Lives

Useful course that is only the dynamic or static IPs of the usual telecommunications provider. For servers that makes little sense. And the assignment to a mobile user is not really meaningful. But as you can see by the example, one can trace the IP, for example, to Zurich. Often enough it has in an incident already a suspicion and so finds out the approximate location.

trace the user of an IP

but if you want to trace not only an IP, but it is about to make the user of the IP arrest, about displaying it, then it becomes complicated. First of all, the person really needs the IP of its connection to pass, and not hide behind a proxy. And then you have to turn to the police and make a complaint. The prosecutor then takes screenshots of the offense and evidence of a clear mapping between IP and decay. not out there enough that this person was with many others at the time on the server. In addition, the exact timing is important.

And then, when it really comes to law enforcement, the responsible prosecutor will address a request for information to the provider. Then he can then access data should not be deleted, determine the connection owner. but after that he has yet to prove that this and not a related person has committed the act. A difficult thing, which often does not lead to success.


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