3 good and free VNC clients overview (Windows and Android)

You are looking for a free and reliable VNC client, but do not know which tool is suitable for your responsibilities? Then take a look at our overview of three ordinary freeware programs that include a VNC client.

3 good and free VNC clients overview (Windows and Android)

Using a VNC client is suitable for. As when you want to access from a PC over a local network or over the Internet to another PC in the distance.

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VNC Client for Windows

  • A VNC client freeware UltraVNC.
  • The tool is for. B. the customer its use.
  • Is a remote computer with the VNC client connected, can these controls using the mouse and keyboard on your own screen.
  • Thus, changes to files performed and applications run without sitting in front of the computer itself.
  • In a file transfer from PCs connected to the files are compressed to ensure a rapid transfer.
  • Thanks chat system uncomplicated communication between VNC client and server is possible.

download UltraVNC

3 good and free VNC clients overview (Windows and Android)

VNC clients: Free Tools for Windows and Android

works similarly TightVNC. TightVNC is cross-platform compatible and allows the connection of Mac, Windows or Linux VNC.

download TightVNC

3 good and free VNC clients overview (Windows and Android)

Finally, RealVNC is recommended for remote access via VNC client you. Also deses tool comes as Freeware and offers you the ability to control computers remotely or monitor. RealVNC means administrators can easily maintain all computers within a network. RealVNC, there is also a paid version with advanced functionality. The differences between the free VNC client package and the premium version you will find in a survey by the manufacturer.

VNC Viewer - Remote DesktopdownloadQR codeVNC Viewer - Remote DesktopDeveloper: RealVNC LimitedPrice: Free

Remote access is not limited to PC systems. If you need a remote access from Android smartphone or Android tablet to Windows computer, you should install the app VNC Viewer Android. Behind the app are the developers of the above presented RealVNC. Once set up you can access through the App to your smartphone to your Windows PC.


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