Samsung Galaxy S6 (edge): microSD slot, and spare battery, thanks to Case

With the Galaxy S6 Samsung has the same cut several old habits: the current top model of the South Korean manufacturer not only scores with an elegant housing made of metal and glass, the first time the memory expansion was painted and installed the battery firmly into the device. The company Incipio want this grievance - now fix and has presented a case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge with the offgrid that retrofit a microSD card slot and also has a 3700 mAh battery on board - like feel him many traditionalists. But there's a thick hook &# 8230;

Samsung Galaxy S6 (edge): microSD slot, and spare battery, thanks to Case

And "fat" is meant the Incipio offgrid not only figuratively but literally to understand. Because with an equivalent of 1.52 cm, the battery cover is anything but lean. This is not really surprising, after all, the technology must indeed be accommodated somewhere. Especially in view of the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S6 only just lies so well in the hand due to its low overall height of 6.8 mm, which nevertheless remains a downer. Other deductions are available for the fact that the additional memory and built-in battery case can not simultaneously use - a small knob on the edge of the case, the user can then decide what is more important at the moment it.

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Enough of criticism, because apart from these two disadvantages is the Incipio offgrid a pretty smart idea is: For users who want to have their music and film collection there about the move, the case could be a blessing. Furthermore, of course, the battery of the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge is neatly erweitertet - thanks to the integrated battery offgrid, the fee is set at 3,700 mAh, so is a total capacity of stately 6250 mAh or 6300 mAh available. That should be enough to power the mobile companion for several days with juice. Apart from the bulky exterior, the offgrid also not obstruct the special functions of the two Samsung devices: Wireless charging is as yet possible as the use of NFC.

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Incipio offgrid for the equivalent of about 83 euros plus shipping

A cheap pleasures, however, the Incipio offgrid is not: The case strikes with 89.99 US dollars on the bill, which are the equivalent of about 83 euros, plus get shipping rates from the equivalent of just under 7 euros. but sorely missed the microSD card slot and removable battery pack for people who are on their edge Galaxy S6 or S6, the offgrid could still be a real savior.

Source: Incipio, via: Android Authority

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