The Witcher 3 Walkthrough: Witcher quest – The Phantom of Eldberg (with video)

In The Fog of Büsser lurks in Sorcerer job &# 8220; The Phantom of Eldberg&# 8221; the role play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This phenomenon is bound by an oath to a lighthouse and your task is to break this. In our walkthrough we tell you how you have to do this.

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The Witcher 3: Witcher Auftag - The Phantom of Eldberg

In the Tavern Arinbjorn starts the Sorcerer job The Phantom of Eldberg by a conversation with Jorund. The area around the Lighthouse Eldberg is surrounded by dense fog for some time and a dangerous phenomenon makes the area unsafe. Against a fair wage you make yourselves up with witcher Geralt and the matter goes to the bottom.

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The penitents at a glance

StrengthenTeleportation phenomena as reinforcement
weaknessesMoondust spirits oil, sorcerer character Yrden and Quen
LootAschenrune (relic / steel sword)
Recommended Players Level17
The Büsser teleports prefers behind your back.The Büsser teleports prefers behind your back.

Hexer Order: The Lighthouse Mystery

  1. Make your way to Tent of lighthouse keeper and speak with Mikkjal.
  2. This tells you about a Appearance at the lighthouse, which afflicts him.
  3. You get the Lighthouse Key.
  4. Go to the lighthouse and examined the runes next to the entrance, which appears to be a curse ritual to mark.
  5. On one floor of the lighthouse you find a letter, the Mikkjal as a co-conspirator debunked the Ships voluntarily by not multiples of the beacon has capsize in order to pocket the loot.
  6. Leave the lighthouse back towards the hut.
  7. On the road you have to overcome some symptoms.
  8. Faced Mikkjal and then makes you ready for battle.

So you have defeated the Büsser

Of the penitent is vulnerable to the bomb lunar dust and the ghost oil, which can use it for your silver sword. The Witcher characters Yrden and Quen prove good services in this fight. You can only completely kill the penitent when Mikkjal has sparked the fire in the lighthouse.

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In his match-ups, the penitent does not differ much from other phenomena, he also rushes you into this fight on the neck. you teleport regularly off and appear in your back again to attack you with lightning speed. Anyway Keep the lighthouse in mind. Once Mikkjal has sparked the fire, you can send final in the happy hunting grounds and the penitents Remove curse.

The whole fight you can in the following video on the Hard death march follow.

487The Witcher 3: Boss Battle - Büsser

Statements and reward

For the victory you get from the corpse ingredients for alchemy spirits trophy and the Relic steel sword Aschenrune. Then you can either Mikkjal forgive and give him his job as a lighthouse keeper or you send him away. How do you decide also brings you finally your sorcerer-pay of Jorund as 208 Experience for the quest completion.

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