Love Season 3: Netflix is ​​working on next season

In the romantic Dramedyserie "Love" is about the most unusual couple Mickey (Gillian Jacobs) and Gus (Paul Rust), which could probably not be more different, yet common ground and build a kind of relationship. Netflix is ​​currently working on "Love" Season 3. All the news, facts and rumors about the new season, we summarize here for you.

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Netflix confirms third season

The second season of "Love" was released in early March 2017 Netflix and was the first season excel in almost all respects. Mickey and Gus built a serious relationship and showed quite a bit of background to their characters, at the same time there was just the end of the season many difficulties that nearly tore the happy togetherness.

With the simple "happy ending" we are not left behind in this turbulent relationship history, like Netflix confirmed to colleagues from Variety. The series of Judd Apatow ( "Virgin (40), male, looking ...", "Pineapple Express") will go into the third round and Mickey and Gus certainly not only be facing as they stagger around with love luck.

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When "Love" Season 3 will be released?

To a concrete Date aired to Netflix has not been expressed. It is also not yet known how many episodes the third season of "Love" is made. However, since the first season in February 2016 and the second season in March 2017 was published, is expected to ordinary annual release. In all probability, "shouldLove "Season 3 thus early 2018 be available on Netflix - if no unexpected delays occur during the shooting.

Are you waiting impatiently for the third season or could not convince you the relationship technical back and forth in Season 2? Let us know in the comments.

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